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  • New Release: PKHeX 17.08.07



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    PKHeX 17.08.07 is now available!  Checkout the new details below and then visit the download link above to grab a copy of the software.  


    What's New in Version 17.08.07

     - Legality:
     - - Changed: XD/Colo PIDIV detection speed improved by a factor of ~8000x
     - - Changed: Method# PIDIV detection speed improved by a factor of ~250x
     - - Changed: Another round of legality check updates. Thanks (so many different users)!
     - - Fixed: Pokewalker PID detection now recognizes PIDs correctly.
     - - Fixed: Air Cutter switched with Roost in OR/AS tutor compatibility list. Thanks @architdate!
     - - Changed: Updated Chinese translation files. Thanks @wwwwwwzx!
     - - Added: Gen2 headbutt encounters are now checked for headbutt legality. Thanks @javierhimura!
     - - Added: Transferring a pkm from XD to any other game will now receive a Fateful Encounter flag if appropriate.
     - Added: WC3 (gen3 event template) -> pkm conversion. Use the Mystery Gift Database.
     - Added: Ability to batch edit trash bytes (.Nickname_Trash=$[]43,00,...)
     - Added: Inventory items can now be sorted by index number.
     - Changed: Event Flag/Constant editor redesigned to separate tabs.
     - Changed: Deoxys in Gen3 now shows up with the game-specific form.
     - Fixed: Platinum special wallpapers now appear correctly. Thanks @sora10pls!
     - Fixed: D/P current poketch app now loads correctly. Thanks @sora10pls!
     - Fixed: D/P mail item inventory now loads correctly. Thanks @sora10pls!
     - Fixed: Importing qr from url now behaves correctly. Thanks @ForcedToRock!
     - Fixed: Battle Revolution data now loads correctly. Thanks Maddaren!


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