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  • Injecting Console Encrypted Saves

    This guide will require the use of a hacked 3DS. This only works for CIA/e-shop version (a.k.a digital copy) of the game.
    Does not work for the restoring save back into the cart versions (physical copy) of the games.

    This guide only applies if the save came from the same 3DS, and said 3DS has not been reformated since.

    The save also needs to be encrypted with the same encryption system that the 3DS uses.
    (This mostly affects any encrypted save back ups made before FW6, if I'm not mistaken.
    Probably a limited amount of people, like very early CFWers, would be impacted by this problem)

    Also, if your back ups are from Powersaves, this method will not work.

    Main steps

    1. If there is no save in the digital copy of the game, create a new save on said game. (make sure you save in-game)

    2. Replace the 00000001.sav in the correct folder.
    (I've blanked out 2 folder names. They comprise of an odd combination of alpha-numerals, and change from user to user. Your SD card will be assigned to new values for both folder, every time you reformat the 3DS)

    As for the folder name before data (and after 00040000), it depends on what game you're restoring back into:

    Game Name Game ID
    Pokémon X 00055D00
    Pokémon Y 00055E00
    Pokémon Omega Ruby 0011C400
    Pokémon Alpha Sapphire 0011C500
    Pokémon Sun 00164800
    Pokémon Moon 00175E00
    Pokémon Ultra Sun 001B5000
    Pokémon Ultra Moon 001B5100

    The example above is for Ultra Moon.

    3. Now that you replaced the encrypted save, delete the secure value using the app called savedatafiler (we will not provide that.)
    Once again, what folder name you delete from, depends on the game ID.
    Rey's FE13 Save Hacking Adventures - Fan Projects - Serenes Forest ...

    Make sure you're at the user tab, as seen on the bottom screen above. The digits above relates to the game ID, but they all lack the last 2 0s.
    Example, for Pokémon Y: 00055E00 -> 0055E
    Scroll down on the D-pad to make sure you hover (yellow highlight) the entry. Don't delete the secure value for CTR card (default hover).
    You gotta scroll down yo.

    4. Check the game, see if the save loads.
    If the save isn't corrupted, you imported it into the correct folder, and deleted secure value correctly, no reason why it wouldn't load.

    5. Use a save manager to back up the decrypted save. (Guide for Checkpoint or JKSM)
    Decrypted copies are honestly easier to restore. Keep one in your PC or cloud service.

    This method definitely works. (Look here)

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