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  1. Version 1.31


    NOTE: THIS IS NOT ILLEGAL OR PIRACY. NOTE: THIS IS NOT ILLEGAL OR PIRACY. It is a savefile I created myself, NOT A ROM. It's just to help people who want to play the game they LEGALLY bought without having to grind for everything before being able to battle. I want to share it with people, so they can use it personally (without having to go through what I have building all these Pokemon) or for online play! Google Drive link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1LZSiWSv5GjM9C3trYULSLyTxyzVk6Hs0?usp=sharing It comes with: all Fully Evolved (and many Little Cup) Pokemon with competitive builds; all battle passes and fashion items unlocked; ALL SHINY COSTUMES!! on the PKTOPIA Savefile, as well as 20 teams I have made of characters from across the series, such as Red, Cynthia, Jasmine, May, Giovanni, Paul and more! Have a peek: https://imgur.com/a/4VgGYbS The game has 4 Savefiles: PKTOPIA, Red, Blue, Green. You can rename these (see: Editing Savefile). -PKTOPIA is a complete file with all colosseums unlocked and completed. It has 30 pre-made battlepasses. It has shiny costumes. -Red is a complete savefile, but has no pre-made battle passes. -Blue has all the Pokemon, but has not been played. This is for you to have your own playthrough with my Pokemon! -Green has no Pokemon, and has not been played, so you can connect a DS, or play only with Rental Passes if you find that challenge fun! Small note: I chose not to give any Pokemon "Choice" items (except ones using Trick) and was sparing with Life Orbs, so that when playing with friends, sets aren't too complicated, and speed tiers are more predictable. Plus they kind of ruin the balance of the game. But if you're really into competitive, build your own sets! NOTE 2: importing the save to Wii REQUIRES Homebrew because PBR is locked to not allowing a save to be imported; using Homebrew with SaveGameManagerGX bypasses this. NOTE 3: in terms of Pokemon's legality, all Pokemon have fully legal Generation 4 movesets except these 4 cases: -Some legendaries know moves they cannot learn, to make them weaker. For example Kyogre has Aurora Beam, a weaker version of Ice Beam, to balance him. THIS ONLY APPLIES TO BOXART LEGENDARIES, MEWTWO, ARCEUS, AND DARKRAI, and I did not make Latios, Cresselia, or any other legendary/mythicals weaker! -Kecleon has Copycat. I just thought it suited him, and it works well with his Ability- he can reflect back a move of the same type he was just hit with, to get guaranteed STAB. -Pachirisu has Follow Me. He does not learn this until Generation 5, but I think it suits him and he is useless without it. -Unown has... a special moveset. Just for fun! In terms of Hidden Power, I excluded it from every Pokemon, except Unown, and the Singles OU Pokemon in Box 4. Their Hidden Powers are: Unown(ice) Magnezone(fire) Latias(fire) Slowbro(electric) Rotom(ice). Furthermore, all Pokemon have legit statspreads and EVs, except one Pokemon: The Rotom in Box 14. Because this Rotom is meant to be Rotom Wash, I hacked him to have the actual stats of Rotom Wash (which did not exist in Battle Revolution), and so he also has Hydro Pump. NOTE 4: this is a USA game save file, therefore will NOT WORK on any other region of game. Simply get a USA version of PBR to use the save file on any region of Wii with Homebrew. - To rectify this, I also added the Binary "PCDATA" file in the "Copypaste All Pokemon" folder. If you open your own savefile in PKHex and drag-and-drop this file into the PKHex window, it will replace all the Pokemon in your save with my Pokemon. This will bypass the region lock but will NOT import complete savefile, custom battlepasses, etc., and you will retain your savefile, just with all my Pokemon. ========== ===== Update (13 Jan 2024): I have now also added additional Pokemon for Gen4 OU singles battles! Four teams have been created but you can mix and match the Pokemon at will. These Pokemon are in Box 14. I also fixed the few Pokemon with accidental incorrect moves/abilities, such as Venomoth not having Tinted Lens. So if you have the old file, try this new one! ===== Update (03 Mar 2024): I went through and corrected ALL mistaken abilities, and re-balanced lots of EVs and movesets. I have now balanced the Legendary Pokemon so they have weaker moves and stats, meaning they can be used in battles along with other Pokemon and not feel unfair. I also went through the list of 500 moves and tried to add as many missing moves as I could to Pokemon, so that most of the moves are usable. I left out the tragically weak moves like Psywave, but found use for moves such as DragonBreath and Bite on Legendary Pokemon to make them balanced, and also added fun obscure moves like Punishment, Imprison, RazorWind, RollingKick and MeFirst! Finally I removed Explosion from almost every Pokemon, and on the few I left it on I replaced it with the weaker SelfDestruct. The prevalence of Explosion in Gen4 meta formats is kind of boring. And this savefile is made for fun battles with friends! ===== MAJOR OVERHAUL UPDATE (11 Jun 2024): This should be the final update. I spent about 70 hours doing this. - Went through and corrected all incorrect EVs IVs and Natures some Pokemon had - for example some sets I imported had 30 IVs instead of 31, because of Hidden Power. However my file does not use Hidden Power and so now Pokemon have 31 in all stats where appropriate. -Rebalanced some movesets/ items -Added new Little Cup Pokemon and gave them all items again -Added 2 friend passes to each account, one is a Little Cup pass so even if you start a new game on Green savefile, and want to play through with only rental passes, you can still participate in the Little Cup Colosseum. -Re-ordered ALL BOXES. They now are in 4 much more coherent sections: All fully-evolved Pokemon from Gen 1-4 are in Boxes 1-11. Then 12-13 is Little Cup. Box 14 is OU Singles format Pokemon. Boxes 15-18 are the Premade Iconic Trainers' Pokemon. -Cleaned up all the Custom Premade Battle Passes in the PKTOPIA file and created new Catchphrases for the Misc. passes (for fun!). I also made some of the Pokemon in theses passes greyed-out, as some people were confused why some Pokemon were not accessible in the boxes. This now means all Pokemon in storage are useable. Of course feel free to delete these passes as needed. They are just examples. -RE-MADE ALL SAVE FILES. I spent 30 hours re-doing the PKTOPIA saveslot, purely to make it useable for online play. Previously you may recall it was unusable online, that is now FIXED and ALL 4 SAVESLOTS can be used for online play with WiiMMFi! -ALL savefiles now have ALL the fashion items unlocked, as well as all the battle pass designs unlocked. I also found out how to get the shiny costumes; they are available in slot PKTOPIA. ====== ▸ How to install the save file: First, unzip and put the "0001000052504245" folder to the root of your SD card. You CAN NOT just place the game save on its own, you must put the ENTIRE "0001000052504245" FOLDER in. Then, insert SD card to Wii. Then; Using SaveGameManagerGX on Homebrew, on the top menu, navigate to the SD card. Find the icon for PBR. Click the PBR icon and click install. This will overwrite any data you have on PBR so make sure you back it up first if you want to keep an old file. To extract the save file for editing, like say you play for 20 hours but now want to edit a Pokémon without losing your progress, go to SaveGameManagerGX, on the top menu navigate to the Wii icon, click PBR’s icon and click Extract to Custom and navigate to your SD card. Once editing is complete re-inject the save file. ▸ INSTALL ON DOLPHIN: Just create a new save game on PBR, by saving after creating a save slot. Then close the game. In the game select menu of Dolphin, right click PBR and click “Open Wii Save Location”. In the "GeniusPbr" folder, replace the "PbrSaveData" file with mine. Done! ▸ How to edit the Pokemon/ Savefile/ create a custom team: Use PKHex. It's pretty self-explanatory how to edit Pokemon. One tip I have is, Pokemon will sometimes not work correctly if they have no Met Location/ OT info. You can take any existing Pokemon, copy it to a few slots, and now these slots will have that data, now you can edit that Pokemon into whatever you want, or import a Pokemon from Showdown on top of it by using Ctrl+T when the text from Showdown is copied to clipboard and then Shift-Click to replace the old Pokemon with the new one. You can edit your savefile name in PKHex by going to SAV --> Save Slot: (select the file you want to edit) --> Block Data, and simply edit the value of Current OT. This will be your online display name if you choose to do online play. And as a bonus for all the Battle Revolution Maniacs, here is my custom USBLoaderGX Pokemon Battle Revoluton homescreen theme: [https://drive.google.com/file/d/168KV4QlGfh-T1Jit9aCuZAymLbuKA-8H/view?usp=sharing](https://drive.google.com/file/d/168KV4QlGfh-T1Jit9aCuZAymLbuKA-8H/view?usp=sharing) You can go to the theme settings in Homebrew on the Wii to select the music track that is there to play on the Wii menu! ---------------- TROUBLESHOOTING ---------------- - Ensure you install the entire "0001000052504245" folder to your SD card INCLUDING the "0001000052504245" folder, and do not rename it as this is the game code for PBR. Do not rename ANY FILES or edit the filestructure or it may not work. - Make sure you're using a USA PBR game. - ENSURE SAVEGAME MANAGER GX IS ON THE NEWEST UPDATE VERSION!!! I have included this in the Google Drive link, simply go into "apps" on your SD card, delete SaveGameManagerGX folder, replace it with mine (unzipped). - If the error message "unable to copy datas" still occurs, try the following: 0. Ensure my "0001000052504245" folder is NOT on your SD card. Move it to anywhere else on your PC for now. 1. Go into the basic Wii home menu, settings, and go to your game save data. Delete PBR. (Backup your current save with SGMGX if you don't want to lose it). 2. Open PBR, this will create a fresh save file. Now close out of PBR. 3. In SaveGameManagerGX, download this new savefile from the Wii to your SD card. This will now create the exact folder structure you need on your SD card. 4. Go to your PC and on the SD, replace MY "PbrSaveData" file with the one you just installed from your Wii in the exact same location. 5. Install using SGMGX and play! FINAL SOLUTION::: I finally figured out how to turn the file into a .bin the .bin file is located in the RPBE folder now in the google drive link. If all else fails, this should work. Simply delete all traces of PBR save data from your SD card, place the .bin file either in the root of the SD card or inside the RPBE folder on the root of your SD card, and now using SGMGX you should be able to bypass "unable to copy datas" error in Battle Revolution!! And also if this does not work then in SaveGameManagerGX you might have to click the .bin file, click "Decompress" and it will create a new file in SGMGX and THIS file should finally work. ---------------- Enjoy, and let me know how it goes or if there are any errors/ you need help!
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