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Found 6 results

  1. Any chance these are authentic JEREMY pokemon? Sandshrew, Slowpoke, and Shellder in particular. There isn't a lot of information available about them on bulbapedia and other references. I cross-referenced all of them with bulbapedia and this neoseeker page that seems to have more information regarding Sandshrew, Slowpoke, and Shellder. Neoseeker doesn't list IVs or met location whereas bulbapedia does. My observations: Ekans information matched bulbapedia but neoseeker listed it as level 15 023 - EKANS - AC32E9D9B217.pk3 Sandshrew information matches neoseeker but level, met location, moveset, nature, and IVs are all missing on bulba 027 - SANDSHREW - 680B215F6980.pk3 Vulpix information matches neatly with both references 037 - VULPIX - F1DE65A0DE74.pk3 Oddish information also matches both references 043 - ODDISH - B8FFA23E7080.pk3 Psyduck information matches bulbapedia but the TID is listed differently in addition to Psyduck's Screech being absent from the moveset on neoseeker 054 - PSYDUCK - 297BEBAEB6DA.pk3 Growlithe information matches bulbapedia but she's listed as Tauros and has a docile nature according to neoseeker 058 - GROWLITHE - A7DCD6A3173E.pk3 Machamp information matches both references 068 - MACHAMP - 481FF48C3744.pk3 Slowpoke information matches neoseeker with the exception of her ability and moveset, but level, met location, moveset, nature, and IVs are all missing on bulba 079 - SLOWPOKE - 29345A06444B.pk3 Shellder information mostly matches neoseeker (fourth move listed as bubblebeam, Shellder knows aurora beam), but level, met location, moveset, nature, and IVs are all also missing on bulba 090 - SHELLDER - DB340CAC3758.pk3 I also have a Gengar, Staryu, and Tauros but in pk4 format. I can share those as well if they can be used to verify the legitimacy of these. I managed to get these from a buddy who had recently been gifted his older sister's collection of pokemon games. I got his permission to look through his boxes and pick out some pokemon I want. Now I just want to know if it's too good to be true.
  2. I know that it'a legal to change the ball type of any pokemon (excluding events and special mons). Just wondering if the game and more importantly, Home and Bank would know if the ball type has been changed. For example, if there's a data/code that says the ball type was modified. I'm planning to catch a lot of legendaries with master balls to make catching super easy. And eventually changing them to the ball types of my liking.
  3. Hi everyone, Need to question the collective knowledge on the current understanding of PokeBank legitimacy checking. Specifically, names and trashbytes. As of last week, I finally started uploading my collection into the bank. This included both legitimate and illegitimate Pokemon. To my surprise, a good number of illegitimate Pokemon made it through! So I did some exterminating with a legit-caught, wild Sableye in a retail copy of Sapphire. Experiment 1: Edited Sableye Wild captured in Retail Sapphire, Granite Cave to be exact. Retail Sapphire -->[pal park]--> Retail Pearl Retail Pearl -->[poke transfer]--> Retail White Retail White -->[trade]--> Rom White2 Here, I opened the Rom and used PokeGen 3.1.13 to change some information. 1. Region changed to Japanese Emerald. 2. OT/OT-ID/OT-SID changed to a Japanese Emerald combo. Note, the one I used had been previously marked in PokeCheck as invalid trashbytes (ID / SID fine / Region fine). The name with trashbytes were copy and pasted directly. The trash bytes were not the FFFF\0000\...\0000\FFFF\ blank ones, but various numbers and letters. 3. Name was changed to ヤミラミ (copy pasted directly from bulbapedia) and filled in the \FFFF\0000\...\0000\FFFF\ missing. 4. PID changed to accommodate five 31 IVs and a different nature. Nature changed on main tab as well. Rom White2 -->[trade]--> Retail White Retail White -->[3ds poke transporter]--> PokebankIt worked with no problems! I'm quite certain that PokeCheck would have thrown down a "bullshit" flag on the trashbytes. However, I decided to test PokeTSA again. Experiment 2: Sableye to another species Wild captured in Retail Sapphire, Granite Cave. Retail Sapphire -->[pal park]--> Retail Pearl Retail Pearl -->[poke transfer]--> Retail White Retail White -->[trade]--> Rom White2 PokeGen 3.1.13 to change some information. 1. Region changed to Japanese Emerald. 2. OT/OT-ID/OT-SID changed to the same Japanese Emerald name as before. 3. Name was changed to nickname, ツンデレ (tsundere, lol. copy/pasted from Wikipedia) and filled in the \FFFF\0000\...\0000\FFFF\ missing. 4. Species changed to Mawile. Moves and ability changed to match a Gen3 wild Mawile. 5. PID changed. Rom White2 -->[trade]--> Retail White Retail White -->[3ds poke transporter]--> PokebankAnd wouldn't you know it. Went through just fine! I'm stumped as to how trashbyte sirens didn't go off during the TSA screening. Questions for the subject matter experts here: 1. In the process I just described- ? In Emerald, Mawile cannot be obtained in Granite Cave. At the G5 level, after going through PalPark and PokeTransfer, would the .pkm file have any clue where it was originally obtained? Wouldn't that somehow be deduced by trashbytes? 2. Is there something about Gen 5 Pokemon having the dummy FFFF/0000 trashbytes that PokeBank reads as, "We must have lost his papers, carry on." 3. Does PokeBank or G6 care about trashbytes anymore? 4. Any additional knowledge you would like to throw at me? Am I missing a (un)commonly known process in G5?
  4. Yeah, I built it upon my lucario backup file that I posted some time ago, since it was ok'd by the viewers. So, I might have left off or forgotten a few things...here's the screenshot:
  5. I just bought myself an R4 after not having enough money to get myself Platinum, and now I have some questions about getting/having legit pokes. Will pokemon I trade over from my Pearl cartridge remain legit after getting traded over to the R4 Platinum? Will pokemon I breed/catch in my Platinum be as legit as the ones in my Pearl? My definition of legit is whether or not they would show up as hacked if "hacked-checked"/whether or not I would be able to join official tournaments with them. I'm kinda new at this since I've never owned a flashcart before.
  6. Right, so I am trying to achieve the ultimate feat.: creating pokemon that can pass the Vs. Recorder. For most of you veterans (I've been using Pokesav since uh... July 2007?), this sounds easy, but for me, I'm having a large amount of trouble, especially with the arrival of Pokemon Platinum. My biggest concern right now is transitioning my Pearl Pokemon to Platinum to make them appear as if I caught/bred them via Platinum and EV trained via Platinum. When I use the PID/IV Generator, I've realized that my pokemon never appear as a possible shiny. Is there anyway to get the correct algorithms of IVs that match the personality of my Pokemon and make it shiny (while also passing the VS. Recorder). To add, what is the difference between Type 1, 2, 3 all the way to 8. My second problem is Class in the PID category. That too has a "generate" button, is it of any use? Also, how do I know which ability is Class 1 and which ability is Class 2? Since almost all my pokemon will be hatched from eggs on my Platinum game (to avoid mistakes and to ensure reliability), have the hex codes changed drastically? Another question: If I trade an event pokemon I've downloaded and put on my pearl game and then wanted to put them on my Platinum game. Do I need to change their hex values? They theoretically will be traded from Pearl/Diamond to Platinum since the events have already passed Do Pal Parked pokemon have their hex values changed as well? And as a side-question, is there a site in which I can get some matching ID/SID for Trainers for previous-Gen games (wanted to use those IDs for my legendaries). Yeah, I know these are a lot of questions and I apologize. I just want everything to be perfect and hopefully pass the VS. Recorder legitimacy check. ---------- Post added at 03:31 AM ---------- Previous post was at 03:29 AM ---------- I forgot to add, please check here often as I will be constantly working on my .sav file and also recycling this topic to ask more questions.
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