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  1. hi! excuse me, my english is limited. i see in the version 3.0.1, well, i use this version of pokegen, and, i see, 1 bug in "met"/"encounter" this bug is in pokemons was captured after of destroy 1 rock with "rock smash", in pokegen this does not appear, appear " " ,This section is blank and pasarl or between the card game, this is reset to "trapped water" (you can see in HGSS, trying to capture a Schuckle in Cianwood City whit rock smash). if it's not the right place, but I also say that all who believe and get Froslass (even by legitimate means) to record a battle with her, and trying to send the video via wi-fi, never accepts the charge, saying, "there is an error with the video's pokemon" I'm new to this forum, I hope to learn a lot from everyone here, greetings from Mexico!
  2. I'm currently editing my SS Save , when i opened the pid finder to edit my bidoof, I noticed that under species, it showed Bastidon, thinking nothing of it i changed it to the correct pokemon, searched, OK. Then, when I was editing my croconaw it said chingling, and thought "that's weird, oh well, whatever", change, search, OK. But here's where it got really wierd, I set the pokemon not thinking to check that the species on the main dialogue, the icon on the box view showed dunsparce, sure enough the species was set to dunsparce. Just wanted to let you know.:kikkoman:
  3. Codr, just wondering about something Every time i load my Sav File into Pokegen, all the Ribbons in my Generation V games is wiped out. Is it natural ??
  4. I downloaded the newest beta but as soon as i open it,it crashes.I'm running XP Professional,SP2 and didn't have the slightest problem with 3.0b24,in fact right before attempting b25 i had used b24 successfully.Any ideas/help?
  5. When testing out save state reading on the latest version of Pokegen, I opened a save state that I quickly made in DeSmuMe 0.9.7 x64, and Pokegen just closed itself. I then noticed that Pokegen wrote a dump file in the active directory. I have uploaded a zip file containing the dump file, the save state, and the save file I loaded in order to make the save state at: http://www.uniquegeeks.net/states.zip I do hope you can get this fixed as this is a promising feature that can prevent pointless posts. Oh, because I was bored, here's a list of threads that should never be repeated if you get this working: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?16263-Please-help-me-i-cant-get-it-to-work-with-(DeSmuMe) http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?13881-Save-Conversion-Desmume-(.dst)-to-No-GBA-(.sav)-and-vice-versa&highlight=save+state
  6. Status: Open [Claimed Fixed] Severity: B [should Fix] Reproducibility: 100% [10/10 attempts] Type: UI Code Area: Nickname field Version: 3.0b24 Steps: 1. Create a legal Gen 4 Pokemon with a single letter nickname that has been Pal Parked or Hatched from an Egg and run it through trashbytes.exe and legal.exe 2. Load the Gen 4 Pokemon in Pokegen ver. 2.312 and view the trash bytes in the nickname field. 3. Save that Pokemon and then run it through legal.exe to validate it is still legal. 4. Open ver. 3.0b24 and set target game to HG/SS, load that Pokemon and view the trash bytes in the nickname field. 5. Save that Pokemon and then run it through legal.exe to view if it is still legal. Results: When viewing the Pokemon in Pokegen ver. 3.0b24 the trash byte 0042 will appear as め and trash byte 0005 appears as い. Once saved at this point the Pokemon's trash bytes appear as invalid in legal.exe. Expected Behavior: The trash bytes should appear and save correctly when viewed in ver. 3.0b24 Notes: There could be other trash bytes that appear incorrectly but this is what has been found so far. A\FFFF\2054\020D\0042\0000\0000\0000\A184\020C\FFE 0 A\FFFF\2054\020Dめ\0000\0000\0000\A184\020C\FFE0 M\FFFF\0005\0000\91D7\0227\D175\0226\9AE9\0206\000 0 M\FFFFい\0000\91D7\0227\D175\0226\9AE9\0206\0000
  7. When typing an ability, pressing enter makes the field blank rather than selecting said ability. Again, very minor, but it does serve to be quite annoying, seeing as every other field works fine with enter.
  8. The problem with the reactivation of the Mistery Gift deliver I reported here is back in Pokegen 3.1.9, but I'm not sure in what recent version it was reintroduced.
  9. In the items bag, the first 77 items can be modified, but others can not. In the medicine bag, the first 12 items can be modified, but others can not. In the TM/HM bag, the first 27 items can be modified, but others can not. There are not so many items in the berries bag and the key items bag, so I don't know whether these two bags get the same bug. Both B/W and B2/W2 saveifle is affected.
  10. It is on Desume a Japanese (not edited) Soul Silver using newest Pokegen I changed my Starters nature and saved it set it to the Pokemon all that stuff saved the save file which is .dst format. Opened exact same .dst save file and nothing was changed. Whats going on? I use this Pokegen fine with Black 2. Also I can't open the .dst save file while pokegen is set to english language has to be in japanese or it will close pokegen while opening .dst save file it also closes the second I click replace the save file with this one so it doesn't save at all?
  11. well....when I change the language,the programme will crash and creat a .dmp file..... is there a update to solove this problem? and other,the next version will be 3.20?:tongue: forgive my poor english..thx~~~~:tongue:
  12. I looked and I seem to be the only one having this issue... When I load an event card (i.e. the new Spring Reshiram) into the new mystery gift section of pokegen, everything appears to work fine, and (aside from separate PC issues with code manager) I entered the code into my AR and booted the game. So far, so good. Upon activating the code in-game, however, the code does not appear to work (it should have the guy at the pokemon center that gives me the gift) and it renders me unable to open the menu to do anything (open bag, see party, save, etc). To me, this seems like either a problem with the code pokegen gives me or my AR. I'm willing to accept that it's my AR if this does seem to be just my problem.:bidoof: Software/Hardware in use: Pokegen, AR code manager, AR DSi, DS Lite console, Pokemon White Version (US). OS: Win 7 x64 EDIT: Right now I'm trying the wonder card editor to see if it's a bad card or something. Also, I just remembered that I also recently used the same process for my Pearl version and it worked fine...
  13. Pokegen generated pokedex codes don't seem to work. No matter what pokemon are in the pokedex, or what kind of pokedex it is, all pokedex codes make my pokedex have 000 pokemon seen and caught and sometimes causes my game to restart m save file "due to corruption". I've been using an sd card heartgold game but it may be for other games as well. The is the last code i've been trying to use contains only a johto dex with almost all johto pokemon in it... it has about 200 pokemon on it... i think. Is this it a bug in the program...or am i using the software wrong?
  14. For some reason sometimes random Pokemon will disappear from my boxes while i'm using pokegen. For example earlier i moved my scarfed Luxray 1 spot over in the same box, then moved to another box and made a magneton then saved. When i restarted my pokegen the Luxray was gone. Does anyone know what causes this or a way to fix it?
  15. Well, I've noticed this, that if you select the option inside the Pokedex tool to mark all pokemon as seen, it doesn't only do that, but mark all pokemon as caught as well (Which beats the purpose of such function). Is this intended? Because it's a hassle to manually mark each pokemon as seen so I can get them "legally" through GTS. Is there a script or something to remedy this? Thx.
  16. Status: Open [Claimed Fixed] Severity: B [should Fix] Reproducibility: 100% [10/10 attempts] Type: UI Code Area: PID Finder Version: 3.0b24 Steps: 1. Open the PID Finder and set Species to Haxorus, Gender Either, Nature Any, Ability Either, Shiny off checked and change all IV's to 31. 2. Click search and view how many Ability 1 PID's are returned. 3. Now set Ability to 1. 4. Click search and view how many Ability 1 PID's are returned. Results: At step 4 the list will populate with Ability 1 and 2 PID's but only two Ability 1 PID's appear when there should be four as seen in the search from step 2. Expected Behavior: The same amount of Ability 1 PID's should appear when searching specifically for Ability 1 or Either. Notes: - This could be a bug of a bug for this issue - http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?15358-Pending-Review-PID-for-Ability-2-will-appear-when-specifically-searching-for-Ability-1-in-the-PID-Finder. - Although this seems like a much bigger issue and should be fixed. - This also occurs when searching for Ability 2 PID specifically. - This issue only happens when Target Game is set to "Black/White". - This does not occur in ver. 2.312 - It was retested with Arceus
  17. I tried seeing if anyone recognized this as a known issue, it's hard to overlook, but since I can't find it, I'll post here anyway. I seem to have found a bug in which .PKM files dragged from a file, into the program... only work with Box 1. If dragging them to another box, it overwrites the slot in Box 1. I've posted a video as an example. Basically, if I go to drag any Pokemon into Box 1, from a file, it's fine. If I change the box to something else, it doesn't seem to recognize that I changed boxes, and continues to replace the pokemon from Box 1. For example: I have Articuno in the 1st slot of Box 1. I need to go to box 8 to drag and drop my Pikachu. I slide Pikachu into Slot 1 of Box 8. It appears as if nothing has happened. I return to Box 1 to find my Articuno replaced with the Pikachu I meant to place in Box 8. I can freely drag any Pokemon into the party. Once I drag them into my party, they can be dragged into any box like normal. Direct drag-and-drop of PKM files into anywhere but Box 1 results in overwriting Box 1's Pokemon. I hope this helps!
  18. Hello. I have found two bugs (both having to do with languages) with the Pokédex: 1. When opening a save file, every seen/caught Pokédex entry will automatically be updated with whatever language is currently selected under the Language menu. For example, if English is selected, every seen/caught Pokédex entry will have the English flag checked, even if it wasn't already checked before. This happens even if "Automatically updated Pokédex" is unchecked. This is annoying because I always edit Spanish save files, and I always have to remember to select Spanish first before opening any file, so that English flags won't automatically be checked. 2. In the Pokédex window, if you click the English box for any Pokémon, go to a different Pokémon, then go back, you'll see that it actually affects the Japanese box instead. The same is true in reverse. This is a bit confusing, so let's do an example: Let's say that I have Abra selected. Suppose that neither English nor Japanese are checked. Then I click English. At first, it appears that English is checked now. But then I go to Abomasnow, then back to Abra. Now I see that the Japanese box is checked instead. Now if I were to repeat this process, I would see that both boxes are unchecked again when Abra's info is refreshed.
  19. With 3.0.0.b29 whenever I try to delete an entire box of pokemon while editing a White save, it does not save the change. I tried selecting all first and then deleting all, or just deleting all. When you do it, it looks like they are gone, but if you reload the file they are all still there.
  20. Hello there. I am having problems drag-and-dropping multiple .pkm files into Pokegen. Here's what I did: - Highlighted exactly 493 Pokemon from one folder. - Dragged it into Box 1, slot 1. This will cause Pokegen to add it all until Box 17. - Changed box to make the mini Pokemon to show. Highlighted one each box to make the Box Pokemon count says 30. (Edit: This is a known issue) - It seems to work right, but wait. After saving, then loading. Only the First, Last (I'm not really sure) and the ones that I highlighted/moved were saved. Meaning Box1 Slot1, Box 17 Slot 13, and other Pokemon you moved or highlighted. What I did to resolve the bug: - Dragged them all again. - Dragged one Pokemon from Box1 Slot1 to Slot2, 3... until 30. Same goes to All other boxes, meaning I must change the position of all Pokemon to make them permanent. - Saved, saw that it worked. I don't know if I'm in the right forum, or it's already a known issue, but I think it's not wrong to post it right here, just so you guys know. Thanks a lot. Great program. Edit: It seems that I'm having the same problem as this guy: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?17733-RESOLVED-Dragged-and-dropped-Pok%E9mon-don-t-save I'm using 3.0.0b29.
  21. First of all, sorry if this has been addressed elsewhere. Question: Why does the code generator generate such large codes for 4th gen games compared with 5th gen codes, or pokesav generated codes? (for me at least) Information: - Trying to generate the codes for diamond/pearl, and I have tried the other 4th gen games to check the file sizes, and get the same sizes. - The size of the .xml file for 12 pokémon from pokégen in 4th gen is 33 kb. - The size of the .xml file for 12 pokémon from pokesav in 4th gen is 9 kb. - The size of the .xml file for 12 pokémon from pokégen in 5th gen is 8 kb - I can only put one pokémon into my pokémon diamond using the pokégen codes per DS bootup, as trying two seperate codes to get pokémon causes a white screen from too many codes being active. - I can easily put 12 pokémon in one DS bootup using a pokésav code, and I'm sure I've done this for gen 5 pokégen in the past. My thoughts: - I'm just guessing here, but one thing I do know is that, in gen4 at least, there was two sizes of pokémon file, one for pokémon in the PC, and one for a pokémon in the party, and that generating pokémon in your party created considerably larger codes, is it possible that the code generator for gen 4 is generating "party pokémon" codes rather than "PC pokémon" codes, again just guessing. - I don't need the pokémon to look super-legit really, because I'm using them as "rental" pokémon in Pokémon Battle Revolution (like pokémon stadium had rentals), this is why I could just use pokésav, however I love pokégen so much more, so I came on here to be a mithering little douche to ask people for help when they probably have better things to do. :3 Thanks for taking your time to read, and thank you for any responses. EDIT: I am using pokégen version: 3.0.4 EDITEDIT: Sorry if this should have been posted in the "bugs" sub-forum...
  22. This error prevents the changing of Meloetta form. Always show the Aria form. Not sure if this error is on BW too but is with B2W2.
  23. (Moved from another thread due to it not really being related.) -Codr I am having the same problem with HeartGold and SoulSilver. Transfer Device: NDS Adaptor Plus v3.01 PokeGen Version: 3.0.5 When I put the event "062 Winter Celebi ENG-USA [PPorg].pcd" into Slot 1, save the file and then re-open it I get the following: [before] Description: Find secrets from the past and future! Transfer CELEBI to Pokémon Black [After] Description: Find secrets from \8320\EDB8\8320\EDB8\8320\EDB8\8320\EDB8\8320\EDB8\8320\EDB8\8320\EDB8ut\8320\EDB8 Transfer CELEBI to Pokémon Black If I put this event in Slot 2 or Slot 3 it does not happen. I tried other events in Slot 1 and the same thing happens, but again not in Slot 2 or Slot 3. Both these games also show a used Wonder Card ID of 2047 for which I don't have.
  24. The most recent version of PokéGen should support Black 2/White 2 C-Gear skins. However, loading this C-Gear skin makes the game display an error message saying that the C-Gear skin data has been deleted upon loading the game. Loading the file in PokéGen does display the image properly.
  25. There are two "DNA Link Pin"(いでんしのくさび) in the game B2/W2: one is for fusion(ID 628), and the other one is for separation(ID 629). Now the separation one is showed as "Permit"(きょかしょう in Japanese). Anyway, it doesn't matter a lot. There are two "Forgetten Item"(わすれもの) in the game B2/W2: one is a boy's(ID 636), and the other one is a girl's(ID 637). The girl's one will vanish once open a savefile. This is a serious bug.
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