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  1. Hello all, I've recently found the following code for black2: 94000130 FFFB0000 DA000000 021FED28 D7000000 02257374 A225736A 00000000 1225736A 00000000 DA000000 021FED28 D6000000 0225736A D2000000 00000000 Description: Press Select in the badges/trainer card screen. Pressing it in other circumstances can cause problems to the game, so be careful. I would like to ask how one can find the IV frame (what ivs the next pokemon will have) using this seed and RNG reporter.
  2. I think you're talking about the Latest Residence. Kaphotics is talking about Past ones. My own location is always showing in the Latest Country and Region, if that's what you mean.
  3. Thank you Kaphotics. So does this mean that the pokemom that have stored the location of origin as a past location were traded between 2 3DS from the same region (perhaps by the same person for cloning purposes)?
  4. I've been messing with pkhex and after checking a few of my pokemon, I dont really understand how the residence data is stored. - Most of the pokemon acquired from gts trades have no past location data at all. - Other pokemon have 1/2 past locations but the location they originated from, as seen in the main tab, is not there (for example, I have a giratina which is from Hong Kong but only has Japan,Tokyo as a past location). - Then, there are a few that actually have the location of origin as a past location (rarely). - Most pokemon acquired through wifi trades (not local or gts) had past location data, but there were still inconsistencies like above. If anyone could post some info, I would be grateful!
  5. Hello PP.org, I've been trying to get pokerus legitimately in my 6th Gen games and I'd like to ask a few questions: - Does battling in Hordes instead of Single Battles increase my chances of getting the virus? I assume it does since you're fighting 5 pokes, instead of 1, but confirmation would be nice. - The bulbapedia page [http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Pok%C3%A9rus] states that the virus can be generated on bred pokemon. Does that mean that as soon as you get the egg from tha DayCare Couple it will be infected, or do you have to hatch the egg first? - The page also states:"A Pokémon's chances of being infected with the virus somewhat increase when a Pokémon has been traded from another game". Does that mean that if I have a party of traded pokemon it' going to be easier to get the virus? - Can gift pokemon be infected with the virus? For example if I am soft-reseting for the fossil pokemon in Rustboro, do I have the chance to get an infected pokemon eventually?
  6. Every time you deposit a pokemon,its stats are recalculated by the game,so they will turn back to normal.If you want to keep stats like 999Hp,you should never deposit the pokemon.I think you should not level up too but I'm not sure
  7. Did you mean 0.9.8?Maybe that's the problem,i'm using 0.9.7,the wifi version.Thank you for your help,i guess i'll just use save states if there is no other code
  8. ^Really?Did you use while entering dreamyard,or coming out of the stairs?Also did it activate the whole event,or was latias just waiting in it's final spot?I can't get it to work...
  9. Does anyone have a code to rebattle the lati twins?Bond's code works like a charm for the other legendaries (bar regis,i haven't tested it on them yet,idk),but if i use it while entering dreamyard,only the soul dew respawns.Thanks in advance!
  10. Just something i noticed after uploading my Rhydon.Pokecheck says it is slot 10,but i actually caught it in slot 9,as a rhyhorn, in the victory road
  11. You can use a hondew berry.If you are in 5gen though,it is only available via the DW iirc
  12. Just posting to say that by using the codes trance posted you can actually activate the mirror event without hacking it in. Download the Therian Landorus Guested contibuted,from here Then,using pokegen,edit its TID/SID to match those of your save file and activate the fateful encounter flag in the met tab (i dont know why you have to set the FE flag,hope someone can explain) Use the code that corresponds to your version Enjoy Many thanks to trance and Guested!!!
  13. Hey Bond thanks a lot for these.Just a question though.Does this code treat the legendaries as if they had been beaten and respawned after the E4?I tested it on cobalion and volcarona and they both respawn at lvl 65.Thanks
  14. Anyone got any rebattle legendaries codes?They will be useful for RNG abuse post-game.Thanks in advance
  15. There will probably be move tutors just like in emerald and platinum!
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