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  1. All galarian birds, calyrex and the horses are shiny locked
  2. Honestly im not very sure, i there are some.discord bots
  3. First you need a hacked switch to extract and inject saves on the switch. If you dont want/dont have a modded switch , use a bot to send the pokemons to your game. Next, if you want to use pokemon online with a modded switch, you must have a legal copy of the game. If you have that, then pkhex its the easiest part You can: A) download a save and inject it on your profile B) download a save, extract the pokemons as pkX files and inject them to your save C) create the pokemon manually and inject it to your save D) donload the pk files and inject them to your save In regard of how to use pkhex, i reccomend first check some youtube guides, read guides, or whatever you want, and then aks specifically what you dont understand
  4. If they can pass as legal, yeah, its not a problem
  5. I can use the pkhex rigth now but use batch editor, there search batch editor shortcuts
  6. Los archivos pk8 Puedes revisarlos o usarlos si gustas crown pk.rar
  7. Why dont you just open the save file, extract the pk8 files, and inject them on your save
  8. Imposible, those have shiny lock
  9. Maybe if you exclude some pre evolutions or evolutions its doable, i mean most have for example Bulbasaur, ivysaur and venasaur But if u keep only 1, the boxes might be enough
  10. I grabbed 1 legendary legal, duplicate, change pokemon and moves, it became legal.
  11. Have you tried to open directly the main file, if it ask for the program (obviously) pick pkhex
  12. You wont find 1, because the boxes arent enough, but if you look for a full galar, full IoA and CT, yeah there are some
  13. Sometimes i have this problem, do you open pkhex first or the save directly?
  14. i found a few pokes missing added main
  15. Thx a lot, i dont have enough time to do it myself, so this is a huge help
  16. Select 1 pokemon from max raid, then go to batch editor and m select met_location, below it will appear the number that pokemon have
  17. Select 1 from max lair and copy the code Ok, updating soon
  18. Alguien me habia comentando que igual no le aparecian con los archivos, en mi caso lo consegui cambiando uno de los regis x home, te recomiendo intentarlo, por que creo que el juego no lo reconoce si solo lo injectas
  19. I grabbed a legal mon from max raid, changed the pokemon and moves, and it was flagged as legal
  20. I made some pokemons on pkhex, it marked them as legal, but i havent tested yet, if anyone want to test them, plz let me know there are many legendarys from older versions (rayquaza, solgaleo, lunala, etc) shiny crown pk.rar
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