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  1. I wanted to add a Marking to this Pokémon here but it say "Invalid Marking" I would like some help understanding what i might need to do for it to work for me. 1000 ★ - Tinkatink - 3C101191B32F.pk9
  2. I figured it out, the form needed to be set to 294 for recoil
  3. I'm not sure whats wrong, if anyone can give me some incite on what i did wrong here.I tried copying some info from others that are checked but nothing i change seems to work.
  4. Thank you for letting me know about this. So I edited it a bit more based on the glitch but now I'm not getting any results for the RNG Reporter. Do you know what Method I should be on to look for the PID, I have checked all the Gen 3 ones but its coming up with no results. I now sure if I should be doing anything extra.
  5. So for the past few days I been trying my best to make this latias as legit as possible but I'm just hitting a wall at this point. I been using the RNG Reporter but its not working for me for some reason not matter how many times I try. What I'm hoping not to change - Calm Nature - "Likes to relax" Characteristic - Date Met - From Pokemon Sapphire Help_LatiasP2.pk8
  6. I just tried it again and it still says the same thing as before when I talk to the memory guy.
  7. What is the origin game of that mon? Shield Did you set the edits into the PC? I traded them using a sysbot Did you export the edited save from PKHeX? I don't think so Did you restore the edited save into your game? no Are you using EmuMMC/Emunand? niether
  8. So I'm trying for to add this memory to the Pokemon but once its transferred over to the game it shows Is there something else I need to do for it to work for me?
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