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  1. yes.that way the only sav I had from it.I lent my ds to my cousin and afer he played pokemon x I need to bring my sav back to pokemon x game.I don't have any copy of it in pc because I formated it recently.I am thinking about using a tool to recover files that were deleted from my sd card.maybe I could find some working back up there.will this work?
  2. USA language.yes they were my boxes names: BOX 1,etc.that way the only back I had.
  3. I don't have any previous.my gn is my own name PLINIO.no name in boxes.just as they are called in a normal sav.any way of getting boxdata from it?
  4. my main from pokemon x got corrupted while restoring it with jksm.is there a tool or something I could do to recover at least the pokemon that were in pc?I would to like to extract pcdata.bin from it at least.above are pkhex error message and main sav.thanks for any help main
  5. paf

    Legality gen 3 dogs

    and about sun2013 dialga,palkia and giratina.what method should I use?I receive them in a trade and they have the same error of encounter type pid mismatch of gen 2 raikou,entei,suicune.
  6. please tell me legality or not of the mew I've attached
  7. please check legality of it 151 - ミュウ - DB1831E00632.pk7
  8. paf

    Legality gen 3 dogs

    ok.thanks a lot!
  9. paf

    Legality gen 3 dogs

    thanks for your help.can they only be legal with x/x/0/0/0/0 iv spread?
  10. paf

    Legality gen 3 dogs

    Is there a tool or way I can fix the pid of a set of raikou/ suicune/entei from fr/lg that were traded to me and aren't legal marked in pkhex?my problem is encounter type pid mismatch.
  11. is there any tool that can check the legality of that mew or other gen 3 event pokemon?If yes I'd like to have it.
  12. Can anybody check if there is the data of the mew from out (ハドウ): 50716, 00000 in pkhex data?I've been searching this pokemon a lot and all of them are not legal marked with the msg: unable to match a mistery gift in the database. is the last one on this page: https://serebii.net/events/dex/151.shtml thanks a lot.
  13. thanks for the replies.I was offered a english mew from emerald from a friend and he said the he had gotten it from the way I explained above.also I saw in youtube a video teaching the way I posted above.that is why I had some doubts about the legality of english emerald mew.
  14. not the ticket but it isn't possible to pass the sav with ticket from a japanse to pc and from pc to an english emerald an take an engish emrald mew? according to this tutorial for instance:
  15. Can somebody explain me because a mew from emerald can only be legal marked in pkhex if is japanese?It was possible to receive a pass to faraway island in a japanse game and so pass to sav to an english one before finding mew so the encounter will be english.the english mew also passes in pokebank as legal.thanks anyway.
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