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  1. Interesting. Do you have any idea where I could start with trying to fix the bug?
  2. Whenever I type in a search box in PKHeX (e.g. to search for a Pokemon species, move, nature, etc.) it will crash immediately. I'm currently using Ubuntu 22.04, but this was also a problem on Ubuntu 21.10. Every other aspect of the program works perfectly fine, it's just very annoying having to manually search through the massive lists to find what I'm looking for. Any help is appreciated! Here's the crash log:
  3. Can I have my name changed to "Foxes", or "Foxes01" if that's taken. Thanks.
  4. I used DotNet3DS to extract and rebuild and I've finally now got a patched ROM, thanks for the help!
  5. Ok yeah that works perfectly, thanks. What I specifically want to do though is to be able to patch the dumped ROM (using something like Lunar IPS) so that I can have a single file that I can add to my personal backups and play in Citra without the need for a cheat code, so how would I go about doing that? I've tried copying the cartridge to my SD card using GodMode9, applying the patch using Lunar IPS on my PC, then trimming & decrypting the patched file using GodMode9 before finally trying to load the patched, trimmed & decrypted file in Citra, but doing that just results in an immediate crash.
  6. I couldn't seem to get it working. I renamed it to code.ips and put it in the folder (the same folder where the cheats.txt is), but upon loading the game (cartridge version) nothing happens and the text speed is still as slow as ever. Enabling the cheat through Rosalina menu still works perfectly, but the .ips patch doesn't seem to do anything. I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong or if it's the patch itself that's not working. Again though it would be very much appreciated if you'd share the method used to create the patch in the first place so I can start testing things out for myself.
  7. I tried using Lunar IPS to patch the "E code x2.ips" over my "00040000000BA900_v00.trim.standard.cia" that I'd dumped directly from the cartridge using GodMode9, but after installing it in Citra it would just crash immediately when trying to load it up. I then converted that .cia file to a .3ds file using 3DS To CIA Converter v4.1 and tried patching over that .3ds file instead, but again it would just crash immediately when trying to load it in Citra. Would you mind sharing the method you used to create the patches so I can try for myself, since I have access to a European ROM to test with?
  8. Oh interesting, the difference I thought I saw between 2 & 3 must've been purely placebo then.
  9. I figured it would just be linking to a ROM that'd be against the rules, but I see that even just mentioning that you have a pirated ROM is against the rules here as well. Not that it applies in this context since I dumped the game myself for my own personal backup lol
  10. It is, why? Would making a patch not work properly on a pirated ROM or something?
  11. Would you mind sharing how you made a cheat code into an .ips patch? I'd like to make an .ips patch for 1.5x text speed on a Europe ROM.
  12. I just tested this with a European game and it works perfectly both in Citra and Luma3DS, thank you! I found that a value of 2 (for presumably 1.5x text speed) worked best for me.
  13. I know the B2W2 repel system where it asks if you want to use another repel once the active one runs out can be implemented fairly easily in FireRed & Emerald by this point, but I was wondering if it could also be implemented in Platinum? I see that at least one ROM hack claims to have implemented it (specifically Pokémon Platinum Plus, though when I downloaded the ROM to test for myself it didn't seem to work), but I was wondering how I'd go about implementing this into my own ROM? Any help is appreciated!
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