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  1. Hail @theSLAYER So I got successfully edit the rom with a hex editor thanks for these tips from you, I used that save bootleg extractor that you suggested, I saw that generates two save files (save0 and save1), this triggers my curiosity because on save0 nothing new, in save1 contains the test edition I've made. I wonder why is generating two different saves and if is it alright?
  2. Thank you again @theSLAYER, I'll gonna study more about this process you mentioned to restore back rom + save into bootleg cart, if you have a youtube video link to suggest I'll appreciate it a lot... Uffa, I think that these all my queries is beginning to boring you (hahaha), as here is 10:05 p.m. good night sir!
  3. @theSLAYER as I'm learning about all the proper processes, sorry me if I'm being fool in my curiosity, I have a question for whom can answer me: How these ripped saves can be restored? By intuition, is it just use nds GBA Tool to reinject? I have an old FireRed save unfinished from MyBoy that I love much but I tried to restore it in the bootleg cart to finally end the journey and the process failed. Someone kindly help me? Sorry me if I'm flooding the topic, I just want to know how to do the right process... Take your time for answer all my curious queries hahaha
  4. Ah, thank you so much for the help @theSLAYER, you're awesome, far way from me put any file that can make damage to community, thanks for the feedback about don't posting rom, I'll gonna learn about this extractor that you suggest me... A huge and safe hug from Brazil
  5. Big @theSLAYER thanks for answer me and for all injection events that you have posted! I know that PKHeX is alright, mine is working fine, my worries is how to do the save be correctly read by PKHeX and how can I put the save in proper way to reinject it successfully in the cartridge. Can you explain me what is the right process to attach to be recognizable by PKHeX? I did the post think in all members that already passed trough this weirdness haha... Hugs
  6. So Kaphotics, my intention is just figure a way out to fix this that what you said... Don't know anything about hex edition, that's the reason I'm asking for a help from community! This is an issue that another ppl are passing through, how can we definitely solution this boring trouble? I humbly think that more than one mind can reach a resolution... Btw, thanks for being the first person to reply me
  7. It's my first topic in this Community, so if I make some mistake just pardon me. To the topic: Recently I acquired one of those repro cartridges from gen3, everything was passing alright, a lot of fun but when I decided to dump the save I got the "Binary is not compatible save file" issue in PKHeX. What motivates me to do this topic was that I made a research about what is going on here in Pokémon Project and I saw that isn't only me that is getting the same issue, even with a legit cartridge a person got the issue. I want to do my injections with PKHeX, so please help us correctin
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