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  1. I understand, I think that this is a mechanism inside the bootleg cart : If i ran the dumped rom with the emulator and i try to export the battery file I get at first a 128 MB save, after few seconds it begin automatically a 64 MB file I analyzed the rom and it is patched ... the situation is becoming too much complicate for me
  2. I used PKHeX but it gives me an error : Binary is not compatible with save file. Current file generation 3 Probably the bootleg cart manage the save in an unusual way...
  3. Thank you ! So now, your programme extract the save file and also provide the information relative to the offset position in the name of the file. Just another question for you : the programme generates 2 save file, which one is correct?
  4. I found these different methods : 1)On the web there is a device which let to link GBA and PC , than let to flash the new game (with the new save) on the cart. 2) There are some particular flashcart that are able to flash directly the bootleg cart in slot-2 of NDS. Are there any others ways?
  5. Thank you for the answer! As you suggest I run the save extractor and it has found the save file (128 KB). Now, it would be possible to modify the save and then inject it on the cart? EDIT: I know that I will use an hex editor and insert the modified value there, but i just want to understand how to insert physically the save file in cart.
  6. Hi, I try to explain the problem starting from the beginning. I was playing with FireRed on the NDS when I found the possibility to exctract the save battery with GbaBackup Tool and use this for pokemon trade on the emulator ( this was the only possibility that I had since I've got only a NDS and a GBA and it is not possible to connect them for pokemon trade) , then I restored the save with same tool. After playing FireRed I decided to play Emerald , which was a gift of a friend of mine. I've tried the same trick but I discovered that my cart was a bootleg. At this point the problem is to take the save file ( but i think that is possible with GbaBackup Tool, than manage the same with an emulator and use another programme that i've seen here to extract the save file from the gba file) and morever to inject the new save file in to the bootleg cart. is there same method available for the injection? I've also seen some hardware devices and some particular flashcart which is able to flash bootleg cart.
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