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About 3DS Pokémon Themes

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Hello worldwide pokémon folks.

First I beg pardon to adms and mods in anticipation if I'm posting this in wrong forum. Second, I'm creating this topic because I don't find anything related with in PPOrg search bar. Now to the point:

I was wondering about if someone got successfully extract those 3ds pokémon themes like the exemple images (I don't know if it is possible to extract themes 😅). I saw that there many sites like Theme Plaza etc. But I can't finding anywhere a site to get them, plus I needed to replace my 3ds motherboard that I had that Mega Rayquaza/Mega Charizard Y theme legally bought, I had had create a new NNID on the new board, so I lost that theme. I want download them to install with Anemone3DS or whatever method that this needs.

Please, someone help me find those themes out.

*Bulbapedia source:


*Serebii source:





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