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  1. I was able to extract the SAV with a tool shared by Slayer in another post, but the GBA Backup does not inject them, I suppose we have to join it again to the fake cart rom
  2. what do you mean by "fake cart"? you mean if my game is not original? Because it isn't, they gave it to me as Repro (I don't know what that means)
  3. This is the SAV file that I am trying to use in the PKHeX but I get that alert, attached photo of the sav extractor (GBA Bakcup) POKEMON_FIRE_BPRS00.sav
  4. Good afternoon I am trying to use the PKHEX to edit a game that I extracted from a gba cartridge using a DS LITE with GBA BACKUP, but when trying to open the SAV I get an error, I am doing something wrong?
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