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  1. What actually is stopping the newer (or "patched") Switch from being hacked? Is it a hardware thing, software thing? And how exactly is that thing stopping it from being hacked? I have both patched and unpatched Switch and I'm just curious.
  2. Any idea how to fix this, ms/mr slayer? Here's the save file, by the way. sav.dat
  3. I still can't seem to find a way. Anybody else having this issues and know how to fix this?
  4. Whenever I edit the Pikachu, it seems like it turns into a regular Pikachu (non-following, generic cry). I didn't edit the ID (or my ID for that matter), just moves and stats. I'm assuming changing the stats is what is breaking it? Is there a way around this?
  5. @theSLAYER What does that mean? Could you please explain what's the difference and what/how the two different shinies are determined?
  6. Basically I only use Switch for save editing and few graphical mods on couple of games. I never go online (or connect to internet) with cfw active and I always reset my Switch when I don't have the need for cfw and when I'm done with cfw. I know there isn't a guaranteed way to not get banned; but, if I don't connect to the internet when in cfw, how likely is it?
  7. Assuming the original Sword / Shield has the DLC enabled, am I able to get the save from the original cartridge (using a save editor) and use it with the new cartridge included version of Sword / Shield?
  8. I only ever had one Switch which has access to CFW. But, what are some signs that your Switch has been banned? Like do certain signs pop up to indicate that you've been banned or do some functionalities just stop working without warning (ie, unable to do online stuff)?
  9. I edited my trainer ID before the release of HOME and I just realized that my ID does not match HOME gifts such as, hidden ability starters and Pokeball color Magearna. Is there a way to fix this? Edit, yeah you can edit them manually each time, but eh... Sometimes I may forget.
  10. Is/will there be a way to edit curry dex with PkHeX or with block data editing? Curry making isn't something I do too often (according to my trainer card only I did it like 6 times); but, just curious if it's there/if it will be there in the future. Thanks in advance, mods/admins.
  11. Ah, of course. Just didn't know their shortened name. Cheers, mr/ms Buizel.
  12. I've seen people talking about them while editing/inputting codes using EdiZon. Two codes were provided. One for both AMS and SXOS and one for only AMS. What do they mean?
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