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  1. I caught them myself from the underground and they are showing up as illegal on PKHeX They are in box 3 in the attached file. pcdata.bin
  2. I think my Shining Pearl is glitched. After defeating the E4 for the first time, I decided to rematch the gym leaders (I've also been to the post-game island). After Volkner, I decided to talk to Jasmine and noticed she gave the TMs for waterfall (I guess I never got it from her before). Then I checked my map and it says I should go to the Pokemon league. After defeating it for the third time, it still shows on my map that I should go there. How do I fix this?
  3. I figured what was the problem. I got the national dex before I completed the league for the first time, so I never bothered to visit Rowan after the league. Decided to visit him and after that, Roark came up from the sewers to say hello.
  4. I know that there are two different rematch teams for the Elite Four; but, I can't seem to get it to work. What exactly are the triggers to unlock the rematches with the Elite Four? I got the national dex, caught both Giratina and Heatran, got my Sinnoh Diploma, and fought Morimoto. I just went to the Elite Four and Aron still has the same team (with same level).
  5. That's good to hear. I thought I might have messed up my save. Thank you.
  6. When editing Pokemon met at the grand underground using PKHeX, it seems like they are marked with numbers grand underground (2), grand underground (3), etc... Is there a list which indicates which grand underground number is which and what Pokemon can be found there?
  7. They messed up on my pre-order and due to this, my game won't be shipping until December 1, sadly (they are trying to get my pre-order bonus steelbook and plush). While I wait, I want to experiment with the save file. If you don't mind uploading your save file for me to experiment, that would be much appreciated.
  8. I want to input items that may be hard to get by using a save editor or any other tools.
  9. I have a US cartridge of Emerald and I will be getting this device which allows you to both import and export saves from cartridges (it can also export ROM saves to cartridges) . The thing I'm not sure about is I think I may have a Emerald ROM that's EU sourced. If I export that save to my US cartridge, will that work?
  10. What actually is stopping the newer (or "patched") Switch from being hacked? Is it a hardware thing, software thing? And how exactly is that thing stopping it from being hacked? I have both patched and unpatched Switch and I'm just curious.
  11. Any idea how to fix this, ms/mr slayer? Here's the save file, by the way. sav.dat
  12. I still can't seem to find a way. Anybody else having this issues and know how to fix this?
  13. Whenever I edit the Pikachu, it seems like it turns into a regular Pikachu (non-following, generic cry). I didn't edit the ID (or my ID for that matter), just moves and stats. I'm assuming changing the stats is what is breaking it? Is there a way around this?
  14. @theSLAYER What does that mean? Could you please explain what's the difference and what/how the two different shinies are determined?
  15. Basically I only use Switch for save editing and few graphical mods on couple of games. I never go online (or connect to internet) with cfw active and I always reset my Switch when I don't have the need for cfw and when I'm done with cfw. I know there isn't a guaranteed way to not get banned; but, if I don't connect to the internet when in cfw, how likely is it?
  16. Assuming the original Sword / Shield has the DLC enabled, am I able to get the save from the original cartridge (using a save editor) and use it with the new cartridge included version of Sword / Shield?
  17. I only ever had one Switch which has access to CFW. But, what are some signs that your Switch has been banned? Like do certain signs pop up to indicate that you've been banned or do some functionalities just stop working without warning (ie, unable to do online stuff)?
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