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  1. Yea I tried that it dosent work all the final values just say name no matter how many times I cycle it. Thanks though
  2. sid 3617 trainer id 065640 it keeps dropping the 0 off the start of my id put them in the light green parts and then the pokemon id number just stayed as name in green. the numbers in the right hand box seemed to reroll but no idea how to use them
  3. not working for me either, if the pokemon id is generated to the right the number i get is too long
  4. Awesome thankyou so very greatful will let you know if it works
  5. That would be awesome Sid: 3617 Tid: 065640 Thanks for this
  6. Any chance of making a copy of the ultrashiny charmander file and uploading here for download ?? Or the lucario ?? I'm not as tech savvy with all these numbers
  7. Hey guys Wondering if anyone has any idea on these new diamond shinies in sword and shield ?? Does anyone have a file download of one of these?? Sorry if this is in wrong area first time doing this
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