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  1. Given the fact that the models are mostly orange and white and @Kalaxehas to remove the background from the models, when the background is also orange and white. Obviously, using Chroma Key to do this is an extremely hard task. My guess is Kalaxe did Scorbunny and Cinderace as those will likely be used most. But I think Kalaxe will do the Raboot sprite soon. @ArtemTotem I feel like I'm pressuring Kalaxe to make Raboot soon now. That's not what I'm trying to do xD
  2. Haha, you're welcome but that's so disrespectful. It's obvious that you work hard to get these sprites for the community and to not even be credited on a public website is just plain rude. On the other hand, I'm glad that there is someone here who does care about the community and wants to do their own hard work instead of claiming someone else's work as their own.
  3. I'm so happy that there's someone here who wants to help the community by getting the models and animations of the pokémon. I really like people who do this, because I use the models for a pokémon powerpoint. Basically, a story that's in the style of a pokémon game which uses the pokémon's 3D models, so to finally have some models of Gen 8 pokémon, and recently all Gen 7, is a relief. I don't upload them publicly so to have a watermark is annoying but understandable. Thank you Kalaxe for doing this for the community. (Ahh i didnt like writing that it feels so cringy and cliche .-. yuck... its true tho)
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