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  1. On 3/7/2020 at 1:12 PM, XxPhoenix1996xX said:

    I just want to thank everyone involved in this project.

    Is always amazing to find, recover and preserve events that we thought lost, but this is something special.

    From finding this hardware we've learned tons about the mechanics of the distribution machine itself and the code making possible to recreate even more events/campaigns.

    I hope that with this kind of discoveries and videos makes people know and get even more interest in this world. 

    Some of us thought this would never be possible, now I think that everything can be. Probably we'll find the Mew/Celebi Machine too! 

    Thanks to the owner of the device for letting us preserve the information about this.

    Thanks to RetroAli and Hard4Games - Tony for your effort and dedication to make people know about this. Flood the market!

    Thanks to our amazing event research team for their time and love for preservation. @Sabresite @Deoxyz @ajxpk @Gridelin 

    And thanks everyone in this community for supporting this project. 

    Thank you!

    I seriously want to thank everyone in the Discord that has helped us decipher all of the technical stuff w/ the machine/preserving it properly because it's been SUCH a huge help. I'm so glad we got this into the hands of the community as opposed to some hoarder. With the PCNY machine popping up, it makes me think even crazier stuff might pop up in the future. (hopefully) Heck I'm still shocked about the Spaceworld demo leaking all that time ago and the fact that someone kept around the PCNY machine in the first place haha. Anything is possible!

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  2. 3 hours ago, Allegedly137 said:

    I have stickers from what is possibly the event, Pokemon League Nintendo Training Tour '99, although the certificates are identical to the ones Bulbapedia shows for "Pokémon 2000 Stadium Tour Mew". It's possible I went to more than one event... They had a photo booth area where I took these photos. Still looking for the certs, thought they'd be with these pictures. I know for certain that I didn't throw them out and will post them once I find them.



    This is so late 90s/early 2000s and I'm 100% here for it. Looking forward to seeing the certificates, thank you again!

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  3. 2 hours ago, Home_Rowed said:

    I'm just tossing this idea out there, maybe get the machine over to Shonumi (reverse engineers unique and obscure GBC and GBA devices and functions, such as the GBC Infrared sensor, GBA MMBN Battle Chip Gate, and the Pokemon Crystal Mobile Adapter GB, among other things, all to add to their emulator, GBE+) or the REON Dev Team (they also work on the Mobile Adapter GB, adding support for the other games it had, trying to recreate the servers, I don't know if they work together) and maybe one of them can emulate the special GBA like hardware to allow the NR disc to actually transmit the event via the Dolphin emulator to GBA emulator connection feature. I think it was stated in the stream that the BIOS was dumped, but it was exactly the same as a standard GBA. So there must be some other hardware in there that has to be analysed and reverse engineered, which would likely take a long time. Obviously it would be up to the owner to contact these people and see if they're trustworthy of the equipment, but if no one else is working on the hardware, maybe let the owner know. Also, I don't know these people, for all I know they might not be interested in this, or not have the time.

    The machine was sent back to the owner a few weeks ago. Everything regarding the PCNY machine has been shared/is being worked on by users on ProjectPokemon.

    Also off-topic, but I highly recommend anyone to check out Shonumi's blog if you haven't - lots of Game Boy related posts/gems in there. And check out the REON Dev Team Discord if you want to learn more about the Mobile GB Adapter. :)

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  4. Hello ProjectPokemon! A friend of mine has stumbled upon Japanese NR Gamecube Discs, memory cards, and cart reader that were used for the Gotta Catch Em All Station at Pokemon Center NY distributions back in the day. We are planning on backing up & preserving everything.

    I'm posting here to reach out to those in the community who are way more well-versed than we are in the nitty gritty of Pokemon Event Distributions to help dig into the mystery of these discs/carts. If you're familiar with this at all please feel free to respond to this thread, PM me on here, or DM me on Discord. (RetroAli#6666) Thank you!

    (Also sorry if I posted this in the wrong place lol... figured this was the best section.)


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