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  1. Hello everyone! I need help finding out where exactly pkhex gets the den numbers from as a reference, because when I try to cross check them to serebii the numbers don't match up. So can someone please help me figure out how to properly navigate the editor so that I can get the pokemon I want. Thank you.
  2. I too have this problem of one of my pokemon having the invalid console region. Any help on what may be causing this would be great thank you!
  3. no sorry! but i can upload a save with a shiny wooloo if you like!
  4. Not yet but it seems that @Kaphotics said it will be out tomorrow night at 6pm Pacific Standard Time
  5. Sure here is a copy of my completed story play through of Sword not including the Post Game Content. This is everything that checkpoint save editor put in the file for this game. Hope you enjoy! poke_trade backup main
  6. your welcome I hope that maybe the save converter that @theSLAYER posted may work for you!
  7. I have a file with Ho-oh uncaught and it is completed all the way with Red being beaten. you will have to change the file name but this should work for you. If it doesn't then I'm sorry! Pokemon - Gold Version (USA, Europe) (SGB Enhanced) (GB Compatible).sav
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