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  1. Ok then. I'll try it. Thanks for the help.
  2. So that means this process wont work or will it? Or is it a 50 50?
  3. Well I did find on youtube. Apparently you can trade this way. I do understand the process however if I use a citra nightly build and canary build (two different versions of citra) rather than cloning the actual one will it work? Even better, is this process legit? Tell me tho. Thanks...
  4. Well okay then. That begs the question, can citra trade? I figured you're the pokemon expert so you will know. That be all I needa know. Thanks.....
  5. Yeah I know that I do, but I was just asking if there was a way to initiate the 'trade' itself rather than directly changing species. As in some other post I saw you say that drag and downing a pokemon from 1 save to the other causes a trade. However, it doesnt evolve my pokemon, not in pkhex not in save, even though it literally just initiates a trade. So that is why I am asking for a way to get trade pokemon other than switching species. Cause that just doesnt feel right. I hoped there was some way I could get around that cut scene for a proper evolution. But even without that, if there is a way to 'trade' a pokemon to evolve it cause it is supposed to evolve through trade not changing species, please tell me. If not, is the species changing the only way? Cause I feel like that's not how it's supposed to be when I do it. Otherwise, worst come, i will use that. Thanks a lot. Pls clarify....
  6. I want a alakazam in or. But it's a trade. Now obviously you can change species and all but can anyone please suggest me a way to to properly initiate a evolution rather than changing species? While I can change species it might cause legal checks and stuff, which i dont wanna go through. I also tried drag and drop on my pc, and while it does happen to be sorta a trade, it doesnt really evolve my kadabra immediately like I expected. All in all, other that species changing, is there a way to obtain trade evolutions through any mean? Whether it be pkhex or some shady stuff on citra, I am all game. All I want is to properly evolve my kadabra to alakazam rather than replacing it with one. Huge thanks to who ever helps me out here. Looking at you, Slayer......
  7. Hey mate thanks I just wanna ask here, if I take, a pokemon, say a kadabra from omega ruby that I want to evolve, drag it from omega ruby save to my alpha sapphire save, will it initiate a trade? Please tell. Also will it evolve my kadabra into an alakazam then and there or would I need to open the save and then it will evolve? Or will it evolve at all given that it's a trade it should but I need to know very bad. Pls tell me. Or I wont be able to evolve it.....
  8. I wanted to do the island scan in pokemon usum but unfortunately for the life of me I cant figure out how to get 100 points in the game. It would have been easy on a 3ds but on citra its frickin impossible. I mean literally I cant do it. I want a swinub on tapu village. Any suggestions how to get it? Any easy way to get qr codes? Thanks.
  9. Well then, I will try and see. Thanks for the assist.
  10. No no that's not it. I wanna transfer, my spheal or trapinch from my xd/emerald TO colosseum. Will that work?
  11. Oh if it isn't the slayer. Well all jokes aside will trading a trapinch from xd gale of darkness work fine in the game? Also, pokemon like spheal which arent at all available in Colosseum be transferred from xd, will it work fine? Just to fully clear my doughts.
  12. So a quick question I heard that you can freely trade between xd colosseum and rse, but only in the post game. Now since i have pkhex, if I transfer a pokemon from rse to xd, pre post game, will it work? If it doesn't what to do? Suppose, I need a trapinch, or a larvitar in the game since getting them otherwise is too late game, will it work? Thanks.
  13. Take that slayer boy!! I got a friend now!
  14. Gg mate. You're the best. I hope you have a good life. Thanks.....
  15. Aight man imma go now thanks so much also where did ya get the scizorite? Never mind imma bit too curious anyways mate take care. Imma sleep healthy now LOL
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