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  1. So i took a chinese hack rom that is awsome as base and import most of the files to a clean copy of SS. After some weeks of work i made it to add some more content of my own and make the old scripts and sprites to work. All the hard work is done but it still have some bugs to fix that i have no idea how to fix so it need some more work but i have a solid base to start showing you guys. Most of the bugs are in scripts and in some trainers in the way (like some of them freezing the game before the battle) Since is my first time doing this im open to help or suggestions from more experienced people to fix the bugs so we can share a competed rom and a whole new experience to the people who loved the features in HGSS like i did. I will show you some screenshots and a short video. Let me know your opinions. I still need to add the text to the game but before that i wanna fix the bugs so dont pay much attention to it. Like i said this is my first time so please dont be mad at me lol. Here are the screenshots https://imgur.com/gallery/j0Pouty loloposta__16916.mp4
  2. What's the difference between a normal script and a level one? And another question all the level scripts are empty in SDSME so how I even edit those?
  3. Hello guys I found the only and best completed overhaul rom hack for HGSS. The problem? It is in Chinese, so I thought why not to translate this rom to English so the whole community can enjoy it? Well that was harder than I thought. First of all if I try to change even just a word of text with the know editors the game crashes at the begining. So I tried to import all the hack rom archives to a clean copy of SS. After days of work figuring which ones works and doesn't I finally made the clean copy work with the map and new sprites of the Chinese rom and even with English text. But now I faced a huge wall. The scripts. If I just import the scripts file to the clean rom it will crash. To I started to copy and paste every single line of scripts from one to another. First I made it with the start of the game (the house of the protagonist) which after several tries and modifications I made it work even with the new events and I thought WOW I found a way! But we'll the thing is I can't get out of the house, that shocked me cause I could get out before with no events of course but still. So again I thought well maybe there is a scripts that needs to be edited so make this work and I started editing ALL the 539 scripts line by line until I finally made it just to see that the game don't even start now. It crash in the intro. So I'm out of ideas. Any wise person can help me here please?
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