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  1. Sorry, I have been disturbing for so long...How can I modify this bin file?
  2. Emmm.....I I recommend you to see the tutorial of Jay-San.His tutorial explains the process of replacing and editing Sprite in great detail.
  3. I was wondering how I save script in SDSME? I have made changes to the NPC and save the Rom. However, when I open my rom in DeSmuME the changes haven't seemed to have any effect. This added NPC does not appear to be commanded by the changed script.How can I save the script?
  4. Excuse me.I have some trouble with PPRE. I tried to add a NPC in the players house inside the living room. However when I going downstairs to enter the room, the mother doesn't walk up to me and everything just is frozen but music still plays at all. Where is the problem?
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