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  1. Oh, sorry to report it again then. Thank you!
  2. Hello, I recently decided to transfer some Pokemon from an Emerald save file to my SoulSilver, using the latest version of PKHex. The problem is, none of the Pokemon I edited in show up in the Pokedex when I check it. I've tried putting them in my PC/the daycare and then taking them out and battling with them in wild encounters but they still don't show up. When I go to Pokedex tab in PKHex it says that the Pokemon are caught but not seen. I've used PKHex before and the Pokemon I've added to my saves have been added to my dex, it's only with the latest version that this has happened. Should I just edit the dex manually for now? (I've attached the file for reference, some Pokemon it's doing this with are Crobat, Espeon, Typhlosion, and Ampharos) POKEMON SS.sav
  3. Oh no, like I said, I'm just not going to use PKHex (or any save editor) with XD anymore, I was just curious from like a technical standpoint, like what data PKHex edits that causes the issue, like is it just Pokemon edits or if inventory edits caused anything. Thank you for the answers!
  4. I haven't changed the PID of any of my Pokemon, but maybe I did something else. Either way, I'll probably just restart and do a new playthrough without PKHex (I mostly just wanted to avoid grinding at Mt. Battle). Do you think editing items in might do something to the shadow monitor?
  5. So, I've been using PkHex while doing a really casual play through of Pokemon XD, and I noticed when checking the shadow monitor some of the shadow Pokemon aren't the right species. For example, it says I've snagged a Shadow Blaziken instead of Zangoose. It's kind of hard to explain, so I included my save for reference. I don't know if it's because of me editing the EVs (but not IVs/Nature), me giving myself items, or what else, but I'd like to see if this can be fixed. Thank you for your help. 01-GXXE-PokemonXD_07.gci
  6. Exactly as the title says. I don't want to hack my Switch, and I don't plan on asking for any other Pokemon, I just want Zamazenta (I have Sword). It's legal, and I don't plan on using it online. I'd really appreciate it if someone did this. Also yeah I know the nickname is cheesy, but I couldn't think of anything else. 889 - Defend Dog - C5EA1C892A79.pk8
  7. Alright, thanks for the response. As I said, I wasn't having problems with it I was just curious. I appreciate all your hard work.
  8. So I noticed when I loaded my Alpha Sapphire save data into PkHex the first two slots of the medicine pocket were empty. I downloaded other saves and saw this was the case for them too. I'm just curious why this is. I haven't edited anything in those slots because I'm assuming it messes stuff up, I'm just legitimately curious why this is.
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