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  1. So, with the Tutorial, it says to choose 'Starter Mod', but I don't see that as an option? Is something wrong in that? I'm using SkyEditor I can also give a screenshot of what I see. EDIT: Super Mystery Dungeon, sorry. forgot to mention that.
  2. I'm guessing that's a Nay on there being a Discord server, Oh well. woulda been fun probably. ~ Though. I'm guessing I just have to watch this topic for when new updates to the application come?
  3. It was probably explained here somewhere, but I ask for simplicity sake; I used the Youtube Tutorial originally, and still do for reference on occasion. I'm trying to figure out what the application looks for as far as RomFS/ExeFS I still have trouble opening them on some occasions. _____________________ Funnily, after saying this I got it working. Still interested in reading deeper on how this works and all. I'm guessing there isn't a Public Discord or anything for this though is there?~
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