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  1. Ok so I followed the directions from both sources and the file still can't read. I've tried this 4 times and it just won't work. Can someone tell me if this file is actually decrypted and just isn't working, or if it's not decrypted right. Decrypted Save (2019-03-31 154000).bin /==post merged, don't double post--/ Nevermind, I was using an old save file to decrypt it. I just tried doing the same thing with the new cartridge and it worked. Is there anyway I can decrypt a file I no longer have the cartridge to?
  2. I honestly have no idea how to decrypt it properly, I followed directions from some website. Is there a forum or other website that gives directions on how to decrypt it?
  3. I took the file from a powersave and decrypted it.
  4. So I recently downloaded pkhex and have homebrew on my 3DS, but it won't open my save file. The program pops up with an error message "Unsupported file type/size". The file size is correct from what I've seen on the web and it's a .bin file. Can someone look at my save file to see what's wrong. OR Save.bin
  5. Is it possible to inject a save from powersave into a different game cartridge using pkhex(For example, if I took a save from an old Pokemon OR game could I inject it into a new Pokemon OR cartridge)? If so then how?
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