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  1. Is there any documentation about where asm code for abilities could be located? I was trying to change the effect of Speed Boost, and I found an address (should always be 021BAF87) where the game stores the amount of turns passed until 250, then the counter is reset and speed boost activates. EDIT: Using no$gba debugger I found the code that updates and checks the counter which starts at 02310ED4. Now I need to find the code that changes the speed
  2. I have a question about 3DS ROMs: when I try to extract a cia for Super Mystery Dungeon I get an exception saying that the file is not supported. I suppose that's because the cia is encrypted, but if I decrypt it with HackingToolkit9DS it also extracts the files, and SkyEditor doesn't support those either. How can I decrypt the cia without extracting it? NVM, I just had to decrypt it on my 3DS. I used GodMode9, Decrypt9 should work too
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