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  1. Thanks for following me! :D I like your ho-oh av. Is he your favorite Pokemon? Did you like the Pokemon movie he was in? (Pokemon I choose you the movie btw <3)

    1. LEGOanimal22


      Sorry for the late response, I don't check on this forum too often.

      Thanks! I actually made that avatar a few years back. I haven't seen the movie he was in. The only Pokemon movies I've seen are the Black and White films, with Victini.

    2. CorniFan


      Its fine. I'm glad you commented back! :3 Whats your favorite pokemon game?

  2. Hi! I hope you are doing well :)

    1. theSLAYER


      i'm doing well, how bout you! :)

    2. CorniFan


      I'm good :3 What would you like them to do for gen 8 of pokemon?

  3. I sent you a pm :)

    1. theFlash899


      thank you. i have  read the message u have sent me 

    2. CorniFan


      Thanks. I'm glad you did :)

  4. Hi! Wanna be friends?


    Just remember that i am highly independant and am not out to be a people pleaser. But I will be as best a friend as I can be. Just not gonna sacrifice anything that matters to me the most in the end.

    I like your name.

  5. Hi! Wanna be friends? (i'm still trying to make more friends on here xD; lol....i love this forum, and it feels weird i don't really have friends here yet.....)

  6. Awesome! I can vm on this profile! :3 Wanna be friends?

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