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  1. I'm still experiencing all of these issues, and I'm not seeing any versions on the dl link other than 0.1.0...
  2. In Pokémon FireRed, it is at 0x44120. That byte can be increased all the way up to 255, for an encounter rate of 1/512.
  3. You don't need ASM to edit the encounter rate, it is literally a one byte change. Also, once the Shiny is caught, it's permanently shiny, meaning if you put a hack that had the hex edit on it onto a cartridge and caught a boosted rate shiny, it would trade over and still count, even if the shiny rate is lower in the recipient game and it wouldn't properly be shiny there. From there you can trade it up and it will still be legal and still be shiny, however if you wanted to do that you could just use a cheat code lol
  4. Just take a look at my PokéCommunity thread, which made MUCH, MUCH more progress in MUCH, MUCH less time. It's not hard to just FREAKING ANSWER THE QUESTION.
  5. OK, but *how* do I make the edit WITHOUT ShinyCC? I know there's a formula in the code where if the final value is 0-7 then the Pokémon is Shiny, but I want to hange that upper limit to 255. What's the offset that the formula is stored at?
  6. Umm NO, ShinyCC is absolute TRASH. We are asking about editing the EXISTING shiny formula, NOT overhauling it AKA allowing real shinies to stay shiny. I did not just waste an hour setting up a VPN on my school network to view this page only to be a dead end. Now where's the damn offset
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