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  1. i dont have a level 11 to 20 caterpie sir
  2. Here for shiny machop sir with a no guard ability 6iv
  3. OT: nekz ID Number: 621549 A US shiny timid protean froakie 6IV Sir and a Shiny adamant no guard machop thanks =)
  4. A shiny english froakie timid nature 6IV sir. Can you change the OT And ID Number?
  5. Thank you very much sir!! Thank you Thank you!! =D Do you have more shiny pokemon sir?
  6. I deposit my female magikarp on GTS sir. Sorry i dont have a caterpie.. My IGN is 'nekz' on Pokemon Sun. Thanks sir =')
  7. My fc is 0834-6784-3164 i live in UTC +8:00 to sir. Im in Philippines =) I add your fc sr now add me too =) Thanks
  8. I added your fc sir. Please add me too to get shiny jolly nature beldum. Thank you very much sir! ='D
  9. Alola version on my pokemon ultra moon sir =) My fc is 0834-6784-3164 Thank you very very much sir! =D
  10. Hi sir? Can you make a shiny jolly nature beldum? 6IV and give it to me? Thank you very much sir =')
  11. Hahahaha! XD Sorry sir. My bad. Lol I want it on april sir. Thank you
  12. Now sir if it is okay with you? My fc: 0834-6784-3164
  13. Pokemon Ultra Moon Hi guys! Can anyone give me a shiny beldum? I want it seriously =( Pretty please? Shiny Beldum 6IV Or 5iv -SpA. Jolly Nature FC: 0834-6748-3164 Thanks anyone! ='D
  14. Hi? Can i have a shiny jolly beldum? Please? =(
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