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  1. I believe the method for Volcanion and Marshadow event you named are unknown, but for example, Korean Amoonguss was a code for redeem in-game ("TRA1NERSCUP") and it was the same code for all the world/languages... Well, as I know, all events have those informative image, you can search for that event and see the info about that exact Arceus
  2. Hi, I've seen multiple posts telling that Switch Events are not "region locked", so you would be able to redeem those events on your game. However I still don't know if the event will get "OT name" adapted to your game's language like shiny Celebi (or not, lie Korean Amoonnguss)
  3. Great, thanks! I dind't know that (I was trying to reroll so I can have a different PID Celebi, as I did that on old events. Now I know it's useless). I thoght Zeraora was an exception .
  4. Hi people, (sorry for bad english) I have this problem when I try to reroll PID on this shiny celebi (event from the movie 2020). I tried to reroll a lot but I get this error everytime, what I'm doing wrong? (I can change without problems: EC, OT by language of the event, date, etc). I'm using the PKHEX's MG database and I think that it doesn't have fixed PID (like the Shiny Zeraora). I've tried rerolling with normal shiny and on square shiny
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