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  1. Thanks bro, For always supporting your members, I know it has been many years of work for you and your team, but you’ve always managed to maintain a flawless online page and service. You guys rock!!! Stay safe
  2. “HEEELPPP” thanks! theSlayer is the man! Greetings long time haven’t gotten back here, just started playing pokemon again finally manage to get a nintendo switch light with sword. But now after almost two years out. I can’t figure out how to use pkhex on this new generation and console because switch can’t be hacked like my 3ds was. What are you guys using now to generate and get events? Action Replays don’t work neither, im going crazy. thanks love you guys!
  3. Really getting use to downloading this event please let me know...
  4. Thanks bro but I only know how to use pokehex but i will give it a try its just that dont I need the game platinum , the only game I have is ultra moon... but I will give it a try its just that I saw a video and its really complicated at the beginning of using it for the first time
  5. If its possible im looking for a rng shiny regigigas prefer the level 1 from platnium legit rng so that it wont get that ilegal mark thank you!
  6. Is this a Legit shiny poipole event, it was released yesterday and the event is today and pkhex is marking it as illegal...???
  7. Its true, I thought this was the American event! xD looks just like it the only thing that changes was that sorry!
  8. Thanks for all the Ultras in-game captures champ the only one left is the ingame mesprite
  9. Sabresite that’s weird because when I change the game of origin of all my mons pkhex they change the region when I look at them in my game... So it looks like you can change it now with the latest pkhex version
  10. theslayer im talking about the OT Ash US original cap pikachu event the link you shared... I shared the wrong one is the US that says Pokemon Movie 17 when its supposed to say lovely place...
  11. The one I was talking about is the Ash one thats the one I downloaded sorry exactly the one on the link But if its like you say bulbapedia is wrong then on the met location...
  12. Yea it was that I changed the met location to a lovely place because bulbapedia says it was met like that and all the rest went well but this one didn’t, but no biggy I will just put this one as 2017 pokemon movie
  13. I dont understand much about the RNG program but I would love to try out some legit gen 7 shiny ultra beasts captured using RNG because this is the only fast legit method to get them I know it takes time but if someone has at least one I would love to try one and if it has a good competitive nature better yet!!! Thanks
  14. Download the file and you will understand champ! It says met in ultra moon it has to be regular sun or moon and when you change it pkhex marks it not legal, the post is perfect but the pkm file says otherwise it says ultra moon. Add the file in your pkhex and you will see... -double post merged- But nothing serious just wanted to let you know... I have downloaded every single event you have uploaded and gone through each checking them in every aspect for perfect authenticity as much as possible from dates to evs ivs natures available places distributed and such, these are just minor mistakes that pkhex does not let me fix and marks them wrong and wanted to let you know...
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