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  1. image.png.f1a732ecf056ca481b1763a8fcc5b04c.png

    Why is it illegal? In the previous version of pk hex it was legal ... I have not modified anything, I just passed it from pokemon ranger to soulsilver

  2. I have a doubt, is that in the first city I chose croconaw and in the den I got quilava, but I made another game and I also chose croconaw and bayleef, someone knows if it is or is it random? I have looked at many places but it says that it is because of the pokemon that has an advantage over yours ...

  3. Just now, theSLAYER said:

    I imagine it's as Purin said: some were obtained via live events.

    If I had to guess, S was available from the games, and MAX was only available via live events.

    ahh I'm looking for and on a page says that you can get if you have 3 consoles bone 2 for black and white and 1 for white or black 2

  4. 5 minutes ago, theSLAYER said:

    Both accounts has wireless on, C gear connection enabled.

    One account stay in the overworld (near the ring around Entralink in Unova),
    other account go into Entralink, then simply cross over (from the left or right bridge).

    Once you're in your friend's world, the map turns monochrome in color. Go to the PC in the center of Entralink.

    Looks pretty much like this:


    have you got the 30 minutes, how do you get it in 1 hour?

  5. 3 minutes ago, theSLAYER said:

    It appears some are available when you cross into a friend's world.
    I don't know which is or isn't available for rotation, tho.

    What have you done connecting black and white 1?


    a question, is there any part of the pwt files in Spanish? I mean only those who left in Spain (2012 junior, senior, master)

  6. 15 minutes ago, NinFanBoyFTW said:

    I'm pretty sure that every pokemon can be transferred to pokemon home, but then they will have to sit in limbo until probably the next remakes or games. I am hoping that they could patch the games later on to support the other pokemon. One reason they might do this is because unlike all of the previous games, the save is on the console and not on the cartridge. The cartridge only contains the game data so it would be pretty easy to patch the game and not have to worry about someone trying to load their 1.2 save for example on a 1.0 copy of the game. I'm really annoyed about this though, I would have rather waited another 6 months or whatever it would take.

    me too,thanks

  7. 28 minutes ago, SadisticMystic said:

    ORAS's Castform gift starts with 100 points in its Beauty contest stat, and those stats can never decrease. If the listing of contest stats at the bottom of the Stats tab doesn't show at least 100 there, this is a proper detection.

    that's right

  8. 2 minutes ago, theSLAYER said:

    Sigh. Here we go again. :/
    It's either you're not making your question clear enough, or you're not reading my responses properly.
    I'm going to break it down, and hopefully this time it'll be crystal clear :D

    You asked if the ticket could be obtained on Emerald in Spain, and my quoted message says:

    "The event was never done in Spain". If I'm not mistaken, that answers your original question.


    So you're asking if it could be received in other countries? Well, what does my same quote say?

    "but it could be received at other countries if you used the spanish cart"

    In my previous reply, I've included the full quote, cause I expected that (your reply) to be the follow up question, and the quote answered it.

    I'm sorry if I am misunderstanding you. However, I am perplexed because on my end, it looks as though I have already answered you.
    Moreover I cannot fathom why you're asking the question when it is already written there.

    If you're still confused, here's another quote from that same page explaining certain details:

    I hope my direct but slightly long-winded reply-by-parts helped to reduce some confusion :)

    ohh oki thanks

  9. 4 minutes ago, theSLAYER said:

    what we have doesn't represent all the Celebi that were distributed.

    As long as the DVs weren't fixed (in this case, it seems that way for PCNY), then there's a chance that it could have perfect IVs.

    but according to I think this page is the only one to get those celebi therefore if they do not have the perfect ivs is that at the moment you can not get no?

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