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  1. 9 minutes ago, theSLAYER said:

    If you're referring to trades:

    Cart / VC Gen 1: (ENG FRE GER ITA SPA) <-/-> (JPN)
    VC Gen 2: (ENG FRE GER ITA SPA) <-/-> (JPN) <-/-> (KOR GS)  [includes Time Capsule]
    Cart Gen2: (ENG FRE GER ITA SPA KOR GS) <-/-> (JPN) [includes Time Capsule]

    [Note: While Korean GS can communicate with the international games, the trades aren't 100% perfect, due to characters used in names]

    Gen 3: No regional lock for trades (note: No KOR Gen 3 games)

    Gen 4: Might have some restrictions with Gen 4 games (specifically connectivity to Korean games), need to check back.

    No restrictions on other generations.

    if I understand you can not transfer a celebi from the Japanese version to the Spanish one, no?

  2. 1 minute ago, theSLAYER said:

    The Pokémon can spawn in a Pokéspot without you there. If you play XD, you know how you'll suddenly get a notification that a Pokéspot is populated? That. It can show up there every 256 steps, as long as there's bait.

    Encounter literally means encounter. You approach it, it battles you.

    Hope this description helps :)

    ahh it's ok and if I play it now, thanks for answering

  3. @SabresiteI think I have done it, defeat zangoose in the cifer factory and then the radar leaped me saying that the disc was not in the colossal tower ... so I went there and captured it there and just afterwards to look at their ivs I put the pk hex and it came out as I put

  4. @TeamNeoif I've seen that video but the one who made the video told me that I had it connected to the internet, but maybe it's like the pokemon bank, you need internet not the nintendo wifi service

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