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  1. what I want to know is because this is an event that has sid 0 does not come out as suspicious as ice in the previous thread


    375 - METANG - 3E0EB59B5E62.pk3


    According to what you put this intact so I guess it must be legal, I took it out of games that I downloaded a while ago but I do not remember which page was ... I leave the sav to take a lookFireRed - Gen 3 Event Compilation (3).savFireRed - Gen 3 Event Compilation (2).savFireRed - Gen 3 Event Compilation (1).savpokemon rojo fuego.savFireRed - Gen 3 In-Game Trade Compilation.sav

  2. 4 to 5 generation change the skills ?, in bulbapedia says that 3 to 4, but from 6 to 7 it seems that yes, had a beartic in the 6th generation with mantle niveo and when passing it to 7 change to snowplows (sorry if they do not understand the skills is that in my language they are not called the same)

  3. 1 hour ago, dji said:


    I am looking for legal pids that are the reverse method 1 which is the pid with which it is legal but I look for other pids but it does not work out legally

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