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  1. Okay I'm using pknx to edit raids. Having trouble understand two things. 1st problem I dont know what dens correspond to pkhex dens. No good map anywhere for this. Second problem is, I dont understand the form values for raids. I tried to edit pokemon 555 into zen mode by using the values 1 and 2 and both come up as a egg. Pokechamp you need to make sure your pkhex file has the den active as well. Even those the values dont correspond correctly. For example in pknx its den 90, in pkhex its den 26. If that doesnt correct your issue make sure your editing the 12 set in the den your choosing.
  2. No I need help editing those illegal mons, the save is set up correctly. How can I edit the levels and trainer i.d.? It wont let me for some reason
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