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  1. Well... ok, I'd like that very much, I just dont know if ill be on the same page as you the whole time, Kinda programmer illiterate. And I ran into a few bugs, they were only a few crashes and I think some buttons didnt work, ill show them to you if I can.
  2. @Parakoopa I just want to say that this tool has been very helpful in trying to figure out how the game works. I could still use some more pointers though . I figured out how the world map display works for cutscenes (which im sure everyone has known for years idk), just a simple command and number dictates which "quadrant" to display the camera: worldmap_SetLevel(number); and this one seems to toggle map markers in cutscenes: worldmap_SetMode(number); I took the script "m05a0202.ssb" in "S01P01A" and changed SetMode from 4 to 3 and 5. This is when Chatot is showing you where the waterfall is at the start of chapter 5. The last two modes show 3 more map markers than mode 4, but I guess thats just the current progress? Some explaining would be appreciated. Im learning how the world map system functions, I just dont know how to put it in proper words, and I havent really found out how to change the cloud reveal scenes. I know that you can just erase and draw the clouds in SkyTemple, but when I export the map scene, turn the rest of the second layer black and import it back in, ST just freezes on me. I must be doing something wrong, Ill probably be asking about importing and exporting pointers in the future.
  3. Yeah no I need to get more familiar with these terms about how the game works, its all in good faith to tell me I am calling something something wrong. But yes, the limits to the world map are something that concern me... If there was an article I could read I about the world map I would have much less questions to ask. but I want to know preeety much everything about the map. am I limited in colors, size, levels, travel speed, and any other weird things that have limits to them. I would love to have the whole map animated in many spots, but if its limited to one palete, Im scared I may have gone overboard with the size. And also are the markers really signifigant? Meaning are they required in order to select a level, or are they just some colored spots and something else leads your character to the level areas. I have lots more questions about what the map is capable of, but I do want to continue working on the map, not pondering ten thousand questions in my head
  4. Yes the wonder map screen, this is my main focus because when I have some interesting looking locations made (which is much easier to be creative with since the smaller details help with getting ideas going), then I'll start working on larger details and towns. I dont really have all the terms memorized for the developer sides of things, just been doing some pixel art and studying old posts on this forum as long as I can before all the programming terms get blurred in my mind.
  5. @Parakoopa ah thanks for the suggestion, I guess I will have to play around with that program before I continue work on the map. I do have one last question though. Is the map capable of playing animations, and is it hard to make the map animated? I thought there was a part in the game when the map animates, I mean the clouds shove off on the map, so I guess it does, but nothing actively moves. I wont reset my file to investigate and im trying to study parts of the original first. And now that I asked that question I came up with another one. Is the map capable of constant animations? can you have an animation looping or is it only one time animations that function? as fun of a concept as it sounds the map screen has never had something like flowing water or swirling whirlpools, I wonder why that is? I'll take a stab and say its incredibly complicated. Thanks for the reply, its a little bit of a downer to see this topic forum quiet for long periods of time. Id like to keep it going.
  6. Hello, this is my first comment I have made on this site. I am creating a map for pmd explorers, and I have been working on it for a few days when suddenly, I realized, I dont even know what the map screen is capable of! I had planned to just make the map first and then figure out how to insert it into the game, but then I started thinking about things the wonder map screen might not be capable of... things like: 1. Can the map screen be colored differently and is it limited in colors? that one seems like an obvious yes, but i still must ask. I dont want to have wasted half of the palette size before I really even got going. 2. Are there any misc. limits to the map screen? Things like timers for your pokemons animation and distance traveled and travel speed. I must know if we can change how fast or slow the pokemon travels on the map, and if there is any kind of timeout for having the screen on the map too long. 3. As for my third question, I want to know if the map can be larger that the original 503 x 324. That is a weird size to have the map at, especially when you look at the map. you will notice that the map is not parallel at the top and bottom but left and right, makes me think that it is capped in size. I tried to find an article about the map but squinting through all the other ones is making my eyes spin, if you wanted to just give me the right article to look at it would be very much appreciated. Im really having fun thinking up new props and terrain for a new map, so I dont want to have to stop drawing. Even if I have to figure out how the map works myself I am willing to keep working on this map.
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