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  1. From bulbapedia: "In the first Ranger game, it unlocks after finishing the game. Special missions could be downloaded locally via GBA cartridge (SLOT-2) or wireless distribution in the Japanese version. The game boots within the Ranger Net and unlocks it automatically (even if there is no save data), but the downloaded missions can't be played before finishing the game."
  2. Hi, I was testing the usage of this program to inject the Aurora Ticket into FR/LG to compare with using the actual distribution rom. By comparing the save files using an hex editor I came to the conclusion that using this program and the actual distribution actually lead to different results, with the files having some differences. Can someone shed some light regarding this?
  3. Oh I know. I'm just interested in Gen 2 japanese events! It would be really nice to have a japanese distributed Celebi in the collection
  4. Has anyone ever found any legit Pokemon in here? Non-GS ball Celebi in Gen II would be pretty cool ;(
  5. Well, when I think in preserving this kind of things is to share with the community otherwise it doesn't make any sense in the big picture of event preservation. Following that logic most events are preserved since GF must have the original saves/ carts somewhere in their storage. I was definitely interested in helping but this way of not sharing things with the community its not my way of doing things and its not beneficial in the long term. Even if this turns out to be legit, it's just as if no one ever found it since it won't be shared. Scammers online exist for everything and every Pokémon event so I don't think it will do any difference. Of course the owner does whatever it wants, this is just my opinion.
  6. Any chance of the Mew being shared? Since as of now we don't know its legitimacy, I think that for the sake of preservation it should be shared if possible. If it turns out to be a fake, nothing is lost anyway
  7. Hi! As you may all know, today starts the event throughout the european region. I don't know if this topic is allowed (if not, I can delete it immediately) but I would like to ask if someone has spare codes that is willing to share. As this event is restrict to a few countries and many people don't have hacked Switchs it is very hard to get. Thank you very much!
  8. @町田明日香 うわー、これは本当に素晴らしいです。ご協力ありがとうございました!物語を読み、この歴史の一部を手にすることは貴重なことです。私は人々の出来事の歴史とその背後にあるすべての憶測と噂を聞くのが大好きです!その上、日本のイベントは非常にまれです。第1/2世代からさらに多くのイベント。誰かがsavファイルのボックス内のイベントからpkファイルを取得し、保存のために個別にアップロードできることを願っています改めてお礼を申し上げますとともに、皆様のご多幸をお祈り申し上げます。グーグル翻訳を使って申し訳ありませんが、英語で書く方法がわかりません。メッセージが伝わってくれることを願っています! Wow, this is really amazing. Thank you so much for your contribution! Reading the stories and having this piece of history in our hands is something priceless. I love hearing people's history of events and all the speculation and rumors behind it! On top of that, japanese events are super rare. Even more events from gen 1/2. I hope someone can take the pk files from the events in the boxes of the sav files and upload individually for the sake of preservation I just want to thank again for all this and wish you the best in your life!
  9. I don't know if it's against the rules but does someone have a code that is willing to share? Here in Portugal we didn't had the event Thanks in advance and sorry if it's against the rules!
  10. Did he ever said something? It would be nice to have an Australian event Mew
  11. Never heard about that ASH Mew but the UK one is documented despiste the fact that we don't have any. I hope that those are legit and that someone can dump them for you!!! Looking foward for them EDIT: Maybe the ASH one you got from the glitch?
  12. In spite of that we have Celebi's from Pokemon Center New York and from the European Tour if you are interested...
  13. Only 100 were distributed, how did we get 7 of them? Just wondering...
  14. Unfortunately I don't know anyone who has them, if I did I would ask them myself... I don't know them and I'm not asking you to do that but asking never brings anything bad, I think. I know there are people out there who want events to be private but I guess we can always try!
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