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  1. Hi everyone. I'd like to confirm that it IS in fact a bug, or, at least, there is a bug there. It may not apply to ALL of you, *but*, it may be helpful. I found that, in HeartGold, with the Cute Charm glitch, a PID generated "in-game" of 0000000A or 0000000B will be flagged by PkHex as invalid, marking it as PID Type: G5MGShiny, instead of Cute Charm, despite it being valid, as all pokemon generated by the game itself without external forces usually are. Upon further testing, all gen 4 games are afflicted with this issue, as PkHex is bugged, at least for now. Hopefully they fix this. For all other cases though, I agree, it's an invalid PID, use RNG Reporter or PokeGen.
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