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  1. No for example majority of the routes only use the normal weather so you would only need to change the normal weather and could leave the rest the way they were , you would need to change route 6 , route 8 and route 9 cause they have specific weather like sunlight or snow , hope this helps
  2. With the latest release of atmosphere the file now has to go into atmosphere/contents NOT atmosphere/titles
  3. You are following a old tutorial , encounters should just be able to be opened and edited without moving the json files
  4. Anyone know how to change the title screen to rising ruby instead of omega ruby?
  5. if that didnt work , inject the hekake payload and dump the aforementioned keys again
  6. Not the Lockpick on the homebrew menu , the payload one you have to inject onto your nintendo switch?
  7. have you dumped the title keys again first before dumping the rom?
  8. Did you dump the title keys again , you need to do that every time theres a patch /update
  9. Try not having capitals in the romfs and exefs folders , it could be something that small.
  10. Click on the first item (which is the run itself) then click on job and you will see the artifact tab appear on the right hand side , click that then that will take you to the page to download the latest build , hopefully that has helped
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