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  1. Old pokésav builds can be used to edit the underground items.
  2. I'm currently looking into Platinum again. I've added some stuff about unused overworld sprites and underground goods to the TCRF article. Also, I've documented all the unused maps in that games, but the article on that is very bad and unfinished... Anyway, if you are interested, go here: https://tcrf.net/Pokémon_Platinum
  3. It's been added to the downloads section. Alternatively, it can be found in one of the posts on page 21.
  4. Well, you can now download and insert the file for the roaming Darkrai. I've also documented how the roaming Pokémon are stored in the save data. If anyone's interested, I can provide my docs.
  5. I was thinking the same when I discovered this yesterday. In fact, the Darkrai that is found on Newmoon Island in DP is at lvl. 40 as well. I haven't tested if it exists in DP as well. I'll test it asap, though. EDIT: Yup, it exists in DP as well:
  6. Oh well, now it's too late. I've already sent him a private message.
  7. Yup, seems like I don't have access to this section. I'll send him a private message. Thanks.
  8. I have a question. How would I provide my Roaming Darkrai file in the downloads section? All the options are grayed out.
  9. No need to worry. It appeared because I'm abusing the Cute Charm glitch
  10. I can't test that now, sorry. But I doubt that it will be considered legal. Seeing how the developers forgot to update the level for the roaming Darkrai, I don't think they bothered to add in any legality checks.
  11. (I don't know how to resize videos in posts, sorry...) I made this discovery about 20 minutes ago. I've attached a pk4 file for those who are interested. 491 - DARKRAI - BBA3E3989ABF.pk4
  12. Just extract the RAR file that can be found under here: https://github.com/SunakazeKun/PMDe/releases Click on the JAR file. ???. Profit. Make sure you have Java 8. Also, a few hours ago, I released a new version which has an editor for friend areas. You can edit stuff like the unlocking conditions and the price.
  13. A new version has been released. New: Added a bunch of new settings for dungeons, floors, layouts, moves and Pokémon data New: Added experimental and unfinished move data editing Change: SJIS encoding for strings Fix: Palette editing for Pokémon doesn't work Fix: Frame layouts are buggy Fix: Japanese move data not viewable/editable
  14. (I hope I posted this in the correct forum) PMDe is an editor for Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team, that allows you to edit most aspects of the game; a full list of features can be found below. It is programmed in Java and developed using the Netbeans IDE. PMDe uses ini4j to store important offsets in the ROM. Additional icons were taken from various Pretty Office Icons sets. Tileset previews were created by SilverDeoxys563. Also, huge thanks to BRNMan and Crocodile91! They have already documented a lot about the game's data and ROM structure. More information, screenshots an
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