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  1. it isn't used PKhax anymore?

    yeah.. last updated of PKHEX i tried PkHex file copy , name change PKHAX and... didn't work.. so how can used PKHAX mode? it's changed? or don't used anymore?
  2. XD Lugia

    hello guy i have request for Shadow Lugia PK6? Pokemon name : Lugia Nature : Bold Ablity : Pressure VI : HP 30 , Attack 0, Def 30, SP 30, SD 30, SP 30 (only want to make Attack 0 Psycho Boost / Hydro Pump / Earthquake / Roost
  3. So... this time i have Error : while downloading the decrypted save that in my Cyber gadget save editor.... so... there is server problem or my computer problem? in there Homepage, didn't have server news... TT
  4. Shiny Darkrai & Shaymin & Victini

    thank you have a nice day~
  5. Shiny Darkrai & Shaymin & Victini

    thank you guy.. very much TT you guys are best~ um...sir... i want to Pk6 ver.... TT please?
  6. Member's Card

    ok... how about legal shiny version?
  7. Shiny Darkrai & Shaymin & Victini

    .....LOL but how to get that....TT
  8. so i study(?) in Gen 4..... have question for you guys it is possible to make a legal shiny in Darkrai& Shaymin & Victini? and if possible to legal why many of file aren't available now? and if you guys make possible of these pokemon May i have some PK6? Shiny Darkrai For Timid in random IV Shaymin For Modest in random IV (if is possible legal) Victni For Modest & Adament in random IV
  9. Solving "PID Mismatch"

    ok thats all... thank you very much... your to kind... guy.. and.... have a good day~
  10. Solving "PID Mismatch"

    its deoxys and registeel and... yeah i think wrong method but they didn't appeal that nature and IV in method 1, TT so i found that in Method 2 anyway Deoxys is for 6V Rash Registeel for V0VVVV Bold in pk6.. and... why that nature and 6V or whatever i want thing didn't appeal in method 1?
  11. Solving "PID Mismatch"

    sorry to ask to many, i have problem you see like i want to make 6v rash pokemon but in method 1 didn't appeal anyone so i change method 2 is work.. like that so i find the next... there is problem i typed PID randomed so program wasn't fixed in PID next is program was find SID, but didn't PID Last photo means when i typed random PID, program was didn't find at all.. so what is problem? sir... because for... I typed randomed PID? or I found in method 2? (maybe same problem find bold v0vvv like that...)
  12. Solving "PID Mismatch"

    thanks for anwsering so bright... thanks you thank you bb
  13. Solving "PID Mismatch"

    thanks and i question of one thing if you remember of this shiny mew in gen 3 in only japan? i uploaded one.. like.. ok i understand how to make shiny version...but how can make 6V and timid and legal in all blue? i tried this one for 6V timid.. but isn't appeal at all.... so i think is Max Result & starting frames.. problem.... maybe? how about your answer? 151 ★ - ミュウ - FA037942EF72.pk3
  14. Solving "PID Mismatch"

    so,,,, legendary or event pokemon (which i want to make shiny) used in Method 1 in RNG generater? and how about gen 5? like event pokemon only in japan, Kyogre, Groundon which possible to shiny... how about that one?
  15. can i request some pk6?

    thank... you always help me.. thank you TT