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  1. but they said update ultra Sun, moon.... why.....
  2. but they said updated Ultra sun moon... why didn;t work.... TT
  3. when i used Ultra moon in cyber gadget... didn't work..like this and they say.. there server didn't have file Ultra sun moon... so... you guys how to fix this?
  4. yeah.. last updated of PKHEX i tried PkHex file copy , name change PKHAX and... didn't work.. so how can used PKHAX mode? it's changed? or don't used anymore?
  5. hello guy i have request for Shadow Lugia PK6? Pokemon name : Lugia Nature : Bold Ablity : Pressure VI : HP 30 , Attack 0, Def 30, SP 30, SD 30, SP 30 (only want to make Attack 0 Psycho Boost / Hydro Pump / Earthquake / Roost
  6. So... this time i have Error : while downloading the decrypted save that in my Cyber gadget save editor.... so... there is server problem or my computer problem? in there Homepage, didn't have server news... TT
  7. thank you have a nice day~
  8. thank you guy.. very much TT you guys are best~ um...sir... i want to Pk6 ver.... TT please?

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    ok... how about legal shiny version?
  10. .....LOL but how to get that....TT
  11. so i study(?) in Gen 4..... have question for you guys it is possible to make a legal shiny in Darkrai& Shaymin & Victini? and if possible to legal why many of file aren't available now? and if you guys make possible of these pokemon May i have some PK6? Shiny Darkrai For Timid in random IV Shaymin For Modest in random IV (if is possible legal) Victni For Modest & Adament in random IV
  12. thank... you always help me.. thank you TT
  13. sorry to request pk6 Pokemon Species: Registeel from gen 3 Held Item: (nothing) Level: 100 Ability: Clear body shiny : yes Nature : Bold Pokéball Captured In: Master ball EV : HP 252/ B252 / D6 IV : 20 / 0 / 21 / 13 / 19 / 15 Location/Date Met: (in gen 3) Ancient Tomb (Route 120)/ 2005. 06.25 - Seismic Toss - Toxic - protect - stealth rock i want to get legal shiny bold registeel from gen 3 i want to make myself, but RNG or PID something was very hard to understand... yeah TT its very hard to understand... so.... if you kind make that registeel... please? and pkm was ok too...
  14. (sorry my bad english) last PKHex update has think about this topic. you guy see the files for shiny Deoxys at first Deoxys Nature was Relaxed, but i changed Sassy and I encountered the same problem you see in this photo. so my question is 2 First. how to fixed this Second. how to fixed the problem of "Encounter Type PID mismatch?" Say detail, i want to change Nature legally in PKHEX or Something.. but it little hard to understand that.. and if you kindy Can you write it down, i understand it? 386-03 ★ - Deoxys - B7E491F26C0E.pk7
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