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  1. Can someone send me a save file for SWSH before Leon's match for yuzu? Thanks in advance
  2. I played the game and so far it's the same but I like to skip ahead to the warp holes section and battle Necrozma. if anybody has a Citra save file close to that point please share it with me. Much appreciated.
  3. Never mind, find a way while messing around to delete the Pokemon using the PKHex. It's now displays as 1 Pokemon in the game. Problem solved, thanks a lot for your time.
  4. I tried that before, there are an entry with 6 Abomasnow. I tried deleting them with PKhex but it didn't allow me
  5. Hi all This might be a strange request and sorry if it's not allowed. I need a file save after completing the game with 1 Pokemon only (solo run) so I can edit the Hall Of Fame with PKHex with it as Pokehex doesn't support adding/removing Pokemon from the HoF, only editing them. I'm compiling pictures of all my solo runs HoF but I lost my X solo run save file and I don't want to play the game again from the scratch. It doesn't matter what information and data you put it, just 1 Pokemon in a Hall of Fame entry. Thank you in advance.
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