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  1. Oops, I am such an idiot, I was checking the wrong bridges! I wasted so much of my life trying to figure this out consulting guides and walking around everywhere.
  2. So I've caught a kecleon and am at the point of battling the gym at fortree but steven isn't showing up on the bridge, am I missing something?
  3. view information on this here (http://www.indiedb.com/jobs/need-spriters-and-composers). Please consider joining and thank you.
  4. You can find most of the soundtrack on the GameJolt page now! Enjoy!
  5. We have decided that this game will be developed using Java! Hopefully this allows for more flexibility when it comes to platform support. Anyways we are going to use Java for our game, The Java IDE has a lot of features and even for features it doesn't have there is probably a library you can download for it. Thou because using this takes more steps than GameMaker the game will expect longer development times. And the development times are already going to be long, Because I want the story to make sense and I don't want to spoil the original story I am going to remake the original story and add our story to the end of that. It's going to take a while, yes, but in the long run it will have been worth it!
  6. We have a new developer and story writer on the team they go by Brandonater and Quicksilver. Now all we need is a spriter and we can begin development!
  7. Hello guys, Just so you know, the original topic was locked because I was "Spamming".... So here is where future update news and other stuff will be posted. So news wise, I am not working on the game just yet. I joined a project for an Undertale fan game called Underfalls. The GameJolt to that page can be found here. Hang tight I promise that I will finish this game!
  8. ALL of the soundtrack has been remastered! Also, I am working on a different game with a friend as of now.
  9. How I feel:

    1. Got_Eevees


      uh... Whoa...O.O. What happened there buddy?

      I know that in adolescence one perceives things quite differently and becomes aggravated quite quickly.

      Aside from that, personal differences or problems in life can cause unsolvable stress and uncontrollable rage.

      Either way, one should not take out such anger on one's personal (or other's!) technology or anything.

      By way of PM,please discuss any opinions on this comment.

    2. WolfHybrid23


      ...? What.. Are you talking about?

    3. Got_Eevees


      You  were apparently  shredding your computer.



  10. I decided to change my Online Username, I will now be known as "Wolf.exe".

  11. Hey guys I am releasing a demo! It will be found on the gamejolt page, It's treasure town but without npcs... Working on room transitions and music transitions, After that I will work on dungeons. Hey guys, I decided to make the game where you can add your own mystery dungeons and items, Once I get the feature working I will make a tutorial on how to do this. Also with this feature try not to go to crazy with the amount of sprites you add because every time this sprite gets drawn GameMaker performs a texture swap and doing thousands of texture swaps at a time greatly damages the performance.
  12. I have to reanimate the water tiles... : (...

    The bad part about it is that I have to animate about 140 tiles and I have to do them 1 by 1.

  13. Just finished animating the water tiles for the pokemon game I'm working on.

  14. Game Maker: Studio 2 is updating...

  15. The game I'm working on now is comming along, Here's some concept art of "The Players Primal Form":




  16. I developed a Sound font from some Pokemon Mystery Dungeon samples. There are just a few things, If your going to use this Sound font with LMMS (Linux Multi Media Studio) then you need to use a VST Plugin that plays sound fonts because I tested it and LMMS's built in Sound font 2 player severely distorts the instruments output. There are repeat instruments, I don't know why it just happened. There are also unnamed instruments, don't worry about those I tested and their also just repeat instruments. The download can be found below: (Mystery Dungeon.sf2)
  17. Just published an alpha test for a game I'm making. I was programming it for a few days strait I think I'll take a few days break.

  18. Also you can use MP Grids, Randomized Seeds and Variables to create the turn system. Heres a tip after they're turn is up use the function move_snap(20, 20) //20 because thats the tilemap's tile size for dungeons move_snap() will position them to the closest potions matching the snap size grid: say and object was at (15, 4) the function would move this object to (20, 0). For AI's I would often use the function randomize(); //This randomizes the seed so not to have the same outcome for randomly selected variables or numbers I have an amazing way to do text boxes that procedurally display the letters. But If you want to know about that talk to me privately at my business email (wolfhybrid23@wolfgameofficial.rf.gd). For bitmap fonts first create the sprite with the frames being the characters in Game Maker's order (from !-[]) then use this function to set that sprite into a font (using a script so the variable doesn't get lost like this: ///In Script, I am calling this script fnt_bitmap return font_add_sprite(<Sprite Index>, ord("!"), 1, <Pixel Seperation>) //The script will return the index for the font we just created out of the sprite ///In Draw Event Of Object Desplaying Text draw_set_color(<color>) draw_set_font(fnt_bitmap()) //This will execute the script we just created looking for a return index, in this case the return index was the font index draw_text(x, y, "text") I would also use DS Maps so that the user can't directly modify the save file. As for wonder mail, I am going to do a 4 piece code that will represent the kind of mission in the first fragment the client and target in the second the rewards in the third and the dungeon in last. While this isn't optimal for cheat prevention it is much easier to code and use than coding all the wonder mail codes separately. I use timelines to do cut scenes and I try to put everything I can in one object so its easier to recognize and soft on the memory usage.
  19. I am currently working on this myself. I have not used Game Maker 8.1. I mainly work with Game Maker: Studio 1.4 but here is some info: You can find sprites at Spriters Resource http://spriters-resource.com/. You can find sounds at Sound Resource https://www.sounds-resource.com/ You can find the music at http://downloads.khinsider.com/ but you'll have to edit them to make them loop this can easily be done with Audacity You can use this incredible free software designed for making video game music its called LMMS. And if you want your game to professional I would suggest paying the $900 USD for Gamer Maker: Studio
  20. No, I don't have an Action Replay Device or a way to hook my 3DS XL to my desktop. I did not earn them by trade and I didn't give them any rare candy.
  21. I have only 2 pokemon and I haven't gotten a single badge, I was training them so that I could beat the first gem and ever sense they both hit level 10 they've been all out refusing to obey me. They keep wiping themselves out in confusion and they take naps, disobey and turn away at other times. There is absolutely no way I can progress in the game anymore. I don't want to reset because there is way to many cut-scenes to go through and pokemon black doesn't allow speeding through textboxes.
  22. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gate of the Shooting Star Here's the GameJolt Page: I was going to put the GameJolt download things in but I see that I cannot insert raw html in the topic editor so.. Hello, I need a few people: 2 People who know how to use FL Studio or LMMS. 3 People who know how to code GM: L You probably won't be paid seeing as this is a free game I can't pay you out of my pocket.... Please consider anyways! Here are some development pics: The backrgounds for treasure town are complete! The town with all of the collision objects. Wan't to message me or anyone else associated with this at any time? Join our discord!
  23. Version Actually second version...


    This is the save for Team Lovestruck. The reason I am posting this is because I am developing a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game for Windows, Team Lovestruck will be seen in this game. Team Lovestruck consist of 4 members: Leader - Alyx, Lucario, Lvl 100 Partner 1 - Tori, Gallade, Lvl 100 Partner 2 - Ally, Pikachu, Lvl 100 Partner 3 - Holly, Buneary, Lvl 100 Team Info: All members know Attract All members are Level 100 Team is Hyper Rank All members are Female Most members are at full IQ The game I'm developing is called Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gate of the Shooting Star I am lead developer but the game will belong to Wolf Game, Our website can be found here Wolf Game Official Website I am not releasing spoilers... This save is currently only usable by DeSmuME, To use this save rename the file to whatever your rom name of PMD Sky is and then place this file inside the Battery folder located in the folder where DeSmuME is located.
  24. I've been trying to recruit a pikachu as my game is severly broken (as it would seem; doing mission that are supposed to make the client join, they wont join and I don't get any rank points or poke for the mission complete) I've been searching Amp Plains and Far Amp Plains in the floors that it told me to search but I haven't encountered a single pikachu only Flaaphy and Electrobuzz. I have completed the story and the after store, I have also done the part where you explore Agis Cave with team charm and I have reached the point where the starter pokemon are able to evolve. Why arnt pikachus showing up, Its really frustrating especially sense I have to keep shutting of my DS every time I make it to the Amp Plains Clearing (Because ever sense I beat the boss there every time I reach the place the screen goes black and the music starts glitching and thats all that happens) Also I have requested a new game from gamestop several times and they keep telling me that "you don't have a warrant so anything like this is something you'll have to deal with or either buy a new game."
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