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  1. I want to make a Pokemon Game in Game Maker. Here are the details: - I have Game Maker 8.1 - I don't want to get the Pro Version. I can do the sprites and sounds, but I would like to know how to put the game together.
  2. What are your Pokemon's levels? I can beat the Cinnabar Island Gym using only Articuno with Mind Reader + Sheer Cold. Here are some tips: Amphros can be used against Blastoise and Lapras because it has an offensive advantage while not being weak to any of their moves. Houndoom can be used against Venasaur. If you can teach it a Fighting-Type move, it can probably go against Snorlax. Gyarados can be used against Charizard. Graveler can be used against Pikachu.
  3. Sometimes, there is a graphic bug where my top screen won't display the map, sprites, etc. like this: [ATTACH=CONFIG]13475[/ATTACH] Why is this happening?
  4. Save States won't work with Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platimum. I know this by expierence. First, save the game, (in the game menu, not in the emulator menu,) then click File, then Export Backup Memory. Edit the resulting "sav." file (not "dst.") and then save that. Open the ROM, then click Import Backup Memory. You should now have your edited Pokemon.
  5. So I used Pokegen to get myself an Ice-type Pokemon for a starter. But I had already chosed Oshawatt as a starter, meaning my rival had a Snivy. But I want him to have the Fire-Type as a starter! How can I change the rival's starter so he has the Fire Pokemon?
  6. I have a DeSmuMe challenge for you - to escape from Mount Silver. After you escape, you have to go to the nearby Pokemon Centre, get an Articuno out of the PC, and fly to New Bark Town. You have only Level 35 Pokemon, including a HM Slave. But they know powerful moves and you have 5 Revives, 1 Max Revive and 10 Full Restores. The following Action Replay cheats are allowed: - Unlimited PP - High Wild Pokemon Encounter Rate - Get all TM/HM These cheats are STRICTLY not allowed: - All Pokemon can learn all TM/HM - Go anywhere you want. I wanted this to be hard. DO NOT try challengin
  7. I don't have to do any edits to the shinx, just move it to another slot and then it becomes a bad egg. Also, I just clicked open, opened the .dst file, did the edits and clicked "Save (save file)." Also, I'm sure that I had the target game set to HG/SS. I've used the same process of creating Pokemon in the Pokegen as the Shinx and they've all worked, even when the location of the encounter was not possible (except for Shinx). I really hope that HG/SS doesn't see Shinx as illegal just because it's a Sinnoh Pokemon. You CAN obtain a legal Shinx in HG/SS! Try using the Sinnoh sound or going in
  8. So I can legitimately obtain a Shinx, but whenever I edit it at all with the Pokegen, it turns into a Bad Egg! I don't want a Bad Egg! How can I fix this problem so that the game reconigses the Shinx as a legal Pokemon?
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