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  1. Oh, thanks! :0 Toxic and Substitute can be replaced with Swift and Future Sight The met date, April 30 2007 And I don't want it to be a fateful encounter
  2. Hi, I can't get Pkhex but I really want to get a pk8 file of my old Espeon I had so I can get her in Shield. I tried to remember all the stuff I could about her, so hopefully what I put is all the information needed to make her? Pokemon: Espeon Gender: Female Level: 100 Ability: Synchronize Nickname: Maya OT: C Shiny: Yes Nature: Quirky Pokeball captured in: Great Ball EV/IVs: I honestly can't remember, but she had a lot of her EVs going to HP Ribbons: Sinnoh Champ, Gorgeous ribbon, Smile ribbon, Cuteness master Location: Trophy Garden (diamond/pearl) Met level: 18 Moveset: Psychic, psybeam, toxic, substitute Thanks for reading, and thanks if you considered helping me
  3. So after literally a day of work, I managed to gather everything I thought I needed to run PKHex on my Chromebook (.net framework and net 5.0, visual studio, the unzipped files, and also my Debian terminal because I can't seem to get Wine) but I can't figure out how to get it to run so I can use it. I've never done this type of thing before so I have been heavily relying on tutorials to get my way around. I tried looking for a video or thread showing how to run it but I haven't had luck with ones that work. I've also seen people say to open the file from your computer, but when I do that it takes me to visual studio and shows me the code and texts. Clearly i'm doing something wrong but i'm not sure of what. If you can help, thank you! If not, that's okay as well
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