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  1. anything with ".com" cutt.ly, bit.ly.. etc if u can type it in a browser and it gores to a webpage, its a url
  2. I already managed to grab that file from you and its tradable.. but yours had an ENG OT, while the post on Serebii doesnt have multi-language OT listed. will yours be considered legal?
  3. is there a way to change the watt time between trades to instant?
  4. Is there a way to gen TR moves onto a pokemon, i tried and the move was flagged by PKHex
  5. what does it mean when it says "cards per save only one allowed" or "multiples allowed" like for mew? can we only have 1 of these Chanseys on our game at a time?
  6. Is there a reason none of the Pokepark Meowths i have come with the move Petal Dance like the serebii listed event? and the saves from that website dont even have meowth at all?
  7. I recently heard about an illegal Racist Gengar distribution from back in '09.. Does anyone have the WC4 file for it or know where i can get it?
  8. Idk if this is the right place to ask.. But does anyone have the Japanese Norii Bidoof GTS event? i have the other 3 but cant find the 4th
  9. Whenever i try to load these files i get the following error:
  10. i recently got the new Jirachiin and Pikachu in a trade.. can someone please check it they r legit? 025 - ピカチュウ - 7EED1D2E3D19.pk7 385 - ジラーチ - 677C0FEC16AD.pk7
  11. i was unable to get the events.. sorry guys =(
  12. i saw that.. but theres no times mentioned. and i aint gonna stay there all day. i have my facebook group to run
  13. i looked yesterday and today.. couldnt find where to get the pikachu.. is it only on the 14th? the day of the big parade...
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