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  1. New event legality

    edited Charizards again?
  2. New event legality

    i recently got the new Jirachiin and Pikachu in a trade.. can someone please check it they r legit? 025 - ピカチュウ - 7EED1D2E3D19.pk7 385 - ジラーチ - 677C0FEC16AD.pk7
  3. General Event Archived Posts Thread

    i was unable to get the events.. sorry guys =(
  4. General Event Archived Posts Thread

    i saw that.. but theres no times mentioned. and i aint gonna stay there all day. i have my facebook group to run
  5. General Event Archived Posts Thread

    i looked yesterday and today.. couldnt find where to get the pikachu.. is it only on the 14th? the day of the big parade...
  6. General Event Archived Posts Thread

    i know what u mean,, i can get to Minato Mirai and get pikachu for cheap, but going to Tohoku for the Jirachi would be $100 and 3 hours each way by train
  7. SM - Yokohama Pikachu Outbreak

    idk how to get fulls.. u got a link to show how?
  8. SM - Yokohama Pikachu Outbreak

    does ur 3ds and game need to be Japanese to collect this? from what i read online it doesnt If thats the case, i can get it this weekend and put it into PKHex
  9. General Event Archived Posts Thread

    do you need a JAP 3DS to claim the new Yokohama Pikachu??
  10. Pokemon Rally Mew

    thanks, because once again, i have someone complaining lol
  11. Pokemon Rally Mew

    so, i take it this one is wrong on Serebii too? TID 170711?
  12. Lillie's Alolan Vulpix "Shiron" Present!

    @theSLAYER @jasenyoface thanks for the info.. i just ask because i traded one and the guy complained because it wasnt "untouched" because of the met level
  13. Lillie's Alolan Vulpix "Shiron" Present!

    according to serebii.net, the met level should be level 10 tho
  14. General Event Archived Posts Thread

    well that sucks, i just made 2 boxes to give to friends lol and it cant trade =(
  15. General Event Archived Posts Thread

    Eevee Event is out.. how long until we can expect it on here?