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  1. If they released crystal alongside gold/silver, everyone would buy crystal. So they probably wait for things to calm and then they'll release crystal.
  2. Hey guys, i as i was playing my firered i went to my trainer card and i noticed an azumarill there but i don't even have one! I wanted to know if someone knows the save offset for the 6 pokemon slots in the trainer card so i can check if my save is bugged or something because i really wanted to play a legit with no cheats gameplay and after pouring so much time into this save i notice this bug (I know that i can just go to the game corner and put some other pokemons but i would like these slots to be empty)
  3. Sorry for the necropost but it's important, @Demonic722 is it possible to port this code to red rescue team? Since they're using the same engine i don't think that it's gonna be hard, i know that some easy recruits code already exist but the way they work isn't 100% recruit chance, with your code you can recruit EVERY pokemon, but with the other public ones you need to be high level so it will be almost 90%.. i think you changed the game's routine for the recruit check that's why i need this.
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