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  1. PKHeX doesn't have RS's offset for the mailbox so it reads garbage data instead of the actual mail data. It thinks that Emerald and RS have the same offsets. pokemon ruby.sav
  2. So when i loaded my ruby sapphire into pkhex i went to check the roamer's stats but i got nothing instead as shown below in the attached photo. I've also tested with my sapphire save and got same results. (Roamers are active on both saves) pokemon ruby.sav
  3. If they released crystal alongside gold/silver, everyone would buy crystal. So they probably wait for things to calm and then they'll release crystal.
  4. Hey guys, i as i was playing my firered i went to my trainer card and i noticed an azumarill there but i don't even have one! I wanted to know if someone knows the save offset for the 6 pokemon slots in the trainer card so i can check if my save is bugged or something because i really wanted to play a legit with no cheats gameplay and after pouring so much time into this save i notice this bug (I know that i can just go to the game corner and put some other pokemons but i would like these slots to be empty)
  5. Sorry for the necropost but it's important, @Demonic722 is it possible to port this code to red rescue team? Since they're using the same engine i don't think that it's gonna be hard, i know that some easy recruits code already exist but the way they work isn't 100% recruit chance, with your code you can recruit EVERY pokemon, but with the other public ones you need to be high level so it will be almost 90%.. i think you changed the game's routine for the recruit check that's why i need this.
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